Favourite Bosnia's waterfalls - Una National Park

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When visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, one must know that this is a country of the most stunning waterfalls in Europe. And the region of Una National Park encompasses the largest, and perhaps the most beautiful one –Strbački buk.

Rivers Una, Unac and Krka, as three jewels of the natural heritage of the Una National Park, make a combination of preserved natural landscapes of exceptional beauty and rich cultural and historical heritage. Waterfalls and white water rapids enhance the scenic beauty of the Una National Park.

The Una river weaves a glorious course along the borders between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, meandering mostly north to south and covering a watershed area of almost 10,000 square kilometres.

Numerous waterfalls on the Una River contribute to the water’s vibrant colors and clarity. Waterfalls naturally aerate the water by driving oxygen into it, which enlivens its colours and it is extremely healthy for plant and animal life in and around the river. Hundreds of species of flora and fauna can be found in the park. Many are endemic, such as a certain aquatic salamander found in underwater caves, while some are endangered in the region, including the majestic and elusive Balkan Lynx.

The Una River is clean, healthy, and strong, and so are its fish. Fishing, including fly-fishing, is very popular on the Una, and some of the most common varieties in these waters are graylings as well as Rainbow and California trout. Over 30 species of fish and many varieties of river crabs are part of the biodiversity of the Una River, whose many natural, cascade-fuelled whirlpools are ideal habitats for large fish.

The Una River is famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina for many other water sports, including kayaking, diving, and some seriously epic, white-water rafting. The Una Regatta is an increasingly-popular event which includes organized water sports and camping in the park.

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