Sport, Nature, Food. The Sibillini Mountains National Park has it all!

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Sibillini Mountains National Park has a lot to offer to the visitors who reach this stunning yet little celebrated location. During the winter, for example, cross country skiers would feel very welcomed by the views and scenarios of the tracks. But it is during the warm seasons when is truly possible to enjoy all the outdoor activities the National Park provides. Paragliding, horseback riding, climbing, hang gliding, mountain-biking; people looking for an adrenaline rush would have plenty of choices.

Of course, if you prefer a different and more relaxing way to enjoy your visit you can go for a hike on the slopes or visit one of the 18 villages situated within the National Park; my personal favourite is Castelluccio di Norcia, a truly one of kind small town with a breath-taking view, especially during the blossoming days of the poppy fields. Unfortunately, a strong heart quake hit this town in 2016, damaging many of its buildings. It is still very possible, though, to visit this unique place. Finally this year hotels reopened as well as the street to access the town.

Food enthusiasts will not be disappointed too. Cured meet as well as truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts, and chickpeas are just some of the specialties you can find in here

"History" bonus:These mountains take their name from an ancient legend; it was believed that these peeks were the home of a female oracle, the Apennine Sybil, that held prisoner a man who went to her to know who his parents were. Being catholic, the man was forced by the Sybil to sin and disown his God as vengeance to the persecution she and her sisters had to suffer.

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Federico Spadoni

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