Spring Inspirations In Europe (Part 2)

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In the first part, we explore the traditional spring activities in Albania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, and Croatia. We also find inspirations from some of the most charming gardens in the world such as the Keukenhof Garden and the Monet's Garden. In this final part, let's learn more about the beauty of nature all over Europe as well as the most fun festivals during springtime!

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According to Anano, in Tbilisi, the capital of the country Georgia, the ideal way to spend a spring day is to relax by the tranquil lakes such as the Turtle Lake and the Lisi Lake. The breathtaking views of the lakes emphasize the beauty of springtime in Tbilisi.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, hiking and picnicking in the ancient forest Hallerbos of Brussels will definitely bring you lovely spring memories! Especially if you love the bluebell flowers, do not miss this hidden gem in Belgium because it will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale, said Chrisa.


Spring is not just about simply enjoying the pleasant weather and beautiful nature, which might be a bit of a cliché. What about having fun at spring festivals? Naturally, some of the festivals involve the arrangements of flowers, which are elaborate and unique. The most special flower festivals in Italy are the Infioriata di Genzano, the Infiorata of Noto, and the Infiorate di Spello. Spello is one of my favorite towns in Umbria - the ancient town is famous for the abundant and aesthetic flower decorations on the streets.

In the Netherlands, in addition to the Opening of the Keukenhof Garden in March, Alara recommends us the Flower Parade at the end of April and the King's Day in Amsterdam. Both sound like fun and energetic events suitable for everyone. Alara also has recommendations for festivals in Germany - most of which are intellectual such as the Leipzig Book Festival, the Bavarian Ballet Festival Week, and the Thuringia Bach Festival.

Apart from summertime, spring is also a great occasion to organize music concerts targeting young audiences. One of the popular music festivals in Italy is the Lonate Spring Festival, which usually happens in May.

Spring Festival
Spring Festival
Viale Po, 21015 Lonate Pozzolo

Road trips

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Happy Spring to Everyone!

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