Stockholm - Lapland (Kiruna) by train

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My way to the North

It’s 9pm in Stockholm. I had a lovely day, a lovely meal and a lovely drink. Now it’s time for a lovely walk along the water with my suitcase. The last one before a long time: today I’m leaving the Swedish capital to the North.

It’s late now. The yellow lights of the Central Station guide me to the platform. Electronic ticket checked: welcome aboard. I treated myself to a sleeping coach in which 6 beds are waiting for passengers. Only two are filled tonight as I leave the darkness and the sound of the riding train smoothly leading me on through a night full of dreams.

I left a city with buildings and bridges on the night-lights; I wake up with the rising sun through the birches. I now realize that fall has taken Sweden in its arms. The orange, yellow and light green leaves enlighten the black and white trunks. From time to time a small wood house - often red with white windows - appears between the firs.

The dormitory is now a normal coach. Two clicks and three clacks transformed the beds in comfy seats. A short stop in Boden, change train. Then it's time to read, dream, stare at the landscape... Again.

That’s where I leave you. Let the hours slowly flying away in the grey sky. Wait for your gaze to discover forests, plains, and lakes. Feel the speed finally decrease. Kiruna is now on the other side of the doors. Have a look at the coach where you spent the last 16 hours, grab your bag and step outside.

Breathe the cold air of the North.


... Practical Corner

Only one train company operate from Stockholm to Kiruna: SJ. The price can vary but usually it's around 800 SEK for one way. There are reductions for kids, young people, students and seniors.

You can either choose to do the trip without any change - longer but easier - or with a change in Boden in the morning (not to early). And you can travel on seats or in a sleeping car. As the price is not that different I would recommend the sleeping one: more comfort and less movement during the night.

The hostels in Sweden charge you for the bed linen. It's not the case in the train: they are included!

This story is inspired by my trip from Stockholm to Kiruna, Sweden in September 2017.

The author

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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