Street Food Duos of Turkey

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Warning! This post may cause excessive hunger!

Every country, every region has their unique types of street food, projecting the taste, culture, life style of the people living there. I must say, Turkey has many different selections when it comes to food but there are some where you can find everywhere when you need that bite to keep you going. For me, the first one is ''simit and çay'' which are Turkish bagels or pretzels with sesame seeds and tea. This legendary and affordable duo can be find in any street of any region and it is perfect for the times when you are in a rush or want to sit down somewhere and enjoy the view, If you are looking for another affordable and filling duo, you can definitely got for the world famous ''döner kebab and ayran''. Döner kebab is also available in every corner just follow the smell:) There are also some very unique street food choices available for the ones who are coming back from a night out. The best one for me is Midye Dolma which is basically fresh mussels filled with spicy rice. If you are a seafood lover these little mussels with some lemon on them can make your night even better and they are extremely cheap. The other night time choice is kokoreç and ayran. Many people ask what is kokoreç, well I am going to be honest and tell you guys, it is lamb intestines cooked with traditional spices. It may sound awful to some but give it a try it tastes amazing and fills you up for a small price.

So if you are in Istanbul, go out and try some of these fantastic duos and let us know, but if you would like to learn more about the Turkish Cuisine visit Traveling Spoon's website.

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