Cover picture © Credits to GergelyKiss
Cover picture © Credits to GergelyKiss
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Stuck In Between

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The way LIFE works is strange in every aspect, at least that's how I think. You are born in a country and immediately you're given a nationality which becomes part of you. We don't get the chance to choose where we would like to be born and some people get so mad about this while some others accept that we don't get to choose all the time. The way we internalize the reality that existed before us is simply weird and amazing at the same time. We learn to adapt, to think and to act in the same way that our country wants too. And then we grow up, and we start doubting about what we've been taught, we begin to think that maybe our country is not the best in the world and it's not the place that we want to live because what we want doesn’t correspond with what alredy exists.

Being born and raised in Albania, taught me too much and I think that if I ever had the chance to be born in another country I would not be the same. I don't want to sound hypocrite by saying that "I love Albania as it is!", because it's not true...I love Albania for what it CAN be.

Being born and raised in Albania, in some moments made me happy. A relatively small country but with amazing people in it. People who fight everyday that Albania becomes a better place, people who work day and night just to ensure their children a safer place and future. People who face every single day the difficulties that a corrupted government puts in their way , without giving up. And despite being shaken and shackled by their destiny, they still are here, contributing for their country because in the end a country is nothing without its people.

Being born and raised in Albania, filled me with so much negativity that sometimes was too much to bear. To be honest with each one of you readers, at some moments I felt like a had within myself a pathological hate for my country. It was hard to find a reason that would put asleep my desire to escape. Imagine a young girl that has so many ideas, so many desires which cannot find their way of fulfillment in the real life. And it takes a tremendous energy to conserve your ideals and not be part of the crowd that doesen't know where it's heading.

Being born and raised in Albania, taught me that nothing is easy and that happens in the real life everyday. It taught me to fight for what I want, it taught me to raise the voice for those who don't have one and it showed me that everything can be changed as long as there is desire and will.

And so, I am stuck in between the negative and the positive, good and bad,the reality and the change. It's up to me and to everyone who lives here to choose. What I shared here with you might not make you interested to visit Albania but it will sure make you think about it.

These were the confessions of a 20 year old albanian girl that wants the world to know more about her country and wants to give a fair representation of it.


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The author

Elda Ndoja

Elda Ndoja

I am Elda from Albania, moved by the desire to know more about the world. I share stories on my country and I hope you find them interesting as when I read about other countries.

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