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Stuttgart: Where The Fancy Cars Come From!

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Travel Tips For Stuttgart

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The capital of Baden-Württemberg region, Stuttgart, is known by their hard-working population and by its Schwäbisch dialect. The city also the home of the famous cars; Porsche and Mercedes Benz. This big city with a small town vibe can be reached by plane from Stuttgart Airport or by train. The public transportation works perfectly as in other German cities, so all you need to get is a travel ticket. Or if you have half an hour, you can get to know the inner city by foot!

If you want to start your journey with a beautiful view, the first stop must be the Palace Square or "Schlossplatz". In this beautiful square of "Neues Schloss" or the New Palace, you can enjoy the mesmerizing fountains, monuments and definitely a great beer. You can also then go for a shopping and enjoy many cafes at Königstrasse since the Schlossplatz is the extension of Königstrasse!

Another eye-candy building is Johanneskirche! This impressive church was built between 1865-1876 by Christian Friedrich von Leins. And with its gorgeous neo-gothic architecture, it is the best place to enjoy inner peace by admiring the amazing nature right next to the church. Also, you can be friends with some ducklings as well since this church is on water!

Not very far from Stuttgart -only 12 km-, you will arrive at Ludwigsburg Palace a.k.a "Versailles of Swabia" which is a massive baroque palace with absolutely beautiful gardens!

For further cultural activities, the first two stops must be the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Porsche Museum! The Mercedes-Benz museum was built in 2006 and it is the most visited museum in Stuttgart. In Porsche Museum you can get to see 80 vehicles and get to learn the history behind it in 5,600 square meter exhibition area, which makes it the most spectacular car museums in the world!

For all time art lovers, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is the best place to visit! Inside the museum, there are two exhibitions. In the "Alte Staatsgalerie" you can get to see art from 1500-1900 and in the "Neue Staatsgalerie" you can get to see the modern art pieces.

For the contemporary art and modern art pieces, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is the most visited museum in Stuttgart. Inside this museum, you can get to see works of Otto Dix, Adolf Hölzel, Dieter Roth and many more!

For more nature time, you can go to "Wilhelma", the zoological and botanical gardens, which is also the best place for a fun family time! The place also has an amazing architecture from 19th Century that you can see at its Palace and Park landscape.

And get ready for a full stomach with delicious food and the amazing coffee at Teehaus in Wissenburg Park while gazing down the gorgeous nature. Oh, and this place has an amazing view of Stuttgart! The menu is a little bit salty but trust me, the view and food worth every penny.

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