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Summer in Belgrade

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Glorious season in Serbian capital

Summer has finally arrived. Maybe I am subjective, because it is the time of my birthday (which I usually celebrate for a whole month of August), but you have to agree that summer definitely has its charms. Your senses are awaken, you feel more active and aware of what is going on. Since I was little, I have always loved summer in Belgrade. Some may say it is way too hot, unbearable, crowded or even annoying. Indeed, that may be true. But I also strongly believe that if you find yourself among the lucky ones to spend this glorious season in Serbian capital, you are lucky enough. Inspired by childhood memories and homesickness, I will present you a summer in Belgrade through several associations that occur to me on the first thought of having to spend these warm months in one of the most inspiring cities in the Balkan region.


For some reason, during summer months, I always catch myself singing the famous Lana del Rey song “Summer Wine”, which talks about the most intoxicating drink consisted of “strawberries, cherries and angel’s kiss in Spring”. Listen to the lullaby-like song below.

My first thought of summer in Belgrade is, believe it or not, fresh strawberries. Their beautiful, opium like smell is spreading everywhere throughout the city. As a kid, I always adored summer period because it meant visit to Belgrade green markets to purchase the best of the fresh fruit. My favorite one, where I always accompanied my mother to, has been Bajloni Open Market of Belgrade.

Bajloni Market
Bajloni Market
Belgrade, Serbia


The first association of Belgrade in general is the confluence of two magnificent rivers – Danube and Usce. The famous confluence, known as usce in Serbian language, is also the name of the place in Belgrade. And oh boy, does it get beautiful, especially during the summer. Usce of Sava and Danube is the place where I grew up biking with my father, made my very first running attempts and learned about the nature. Usce of Sava and Danube is definitely a place to be during the summer in Belgrade. Summer breeze, refreshing walk and drink at splav (small to large boat on a river which concept I will further explain) is a must do.

Usce of Sava and Danube
Usce of Sava and Danube
Usce, Belgrade, Serbia


Finally, in addition to great, well spent days at Kalemegdan Park and Fortress, there is one special thing that you simply cannot miss. Maybe you would think I am silly and childish (that is true though), but regardless of your age, you ought to have a ride at the most famous carousel at Kalemegdan Park and Fortress, also known as Panorama. If you wondered why, the answer is simple – when taking a stroll at Panorama you can actually see the whole panorama of Belgrade. And trust me, it is beautiful. Even if you are afraid of the height, you will not regret it, as Panorama is going rather slowly. From first kisses, screams, pictures taken by cameras then phone, this Panorama has been seeing almost everything for decades now. Just relax and enjoy in the most memorable view of Belgrade.

Kalemegdan Park
Kalemegdan Park
KALEMEGDAN PARK, Kalemegdan bb 11000, Belgrade, Serbia
Kalemegdan Fortress
Kalemegdan Fortress
Belgrade ,, Belgrade, Serbia

So, what do you associate summer with?

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