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Summer ski and snowboarding in Folgefonna

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Summer in Norway includes hiking in Norway, experiencing the midnight sun, and hanging around during the mellow evenings that we have, or you can put on your skis. Because of a glacier in Norway, a ski resort was built next to it and people from all over the world are eager to experience summer skiing and snowboarding in Folgefonna!

Hiking is popular in Folgefonna. Hiking in Norway can also be done in both Jotunheimen and Lofoten's beauty. Foglefonna is not only a national park in Norway, but also this is a place where eager ski and snowboard enthusiasts meet when they want to ride their snowboards in the summer instead of leaving our country for New Zealand.

Folgefonna ski resort
Folgefonna ski resort
Folgefonna Snowboard og Ski Camp, Espeland, 5626 Jondal, Norway

You will see the incredible view of Hardangerfjorden when you're at the top of the ski lift. If you want to visit a city close by, you have a lot of things to do in Bergen! Included in all this you have some fantastic options for hiking if you're into nature.

Big film crews are searching for the special look of the Foglefonna sunset and mountains for their movies during the summer. They catch beautiful silhouettes of snowboarders with the yellow sunset in the background and it looks very pleasant. When riders get hurt during the winter and can't ride their snowboard they don't worry too much about staying up to date on their level because they can just ride during the summer in Folgefonna.

Jondal Municipality, Norway

Cross country

Folgefonna prides itself on having the best tracks for cross-country skiing in Scandinavia. The track will be made according to the amount of snow. That means between 2 - 5 km long. When you're on the road and want to go full Norwegian, remember the amazing Norwegian version of Kit-Kat chocolate called Kvikk lunsj.


If you want really smoothly shaped jumps then this is the place. Not like those places which build a jump by only using a shovel. They make the jump so strong that the snow machine can ride on top of it.

The ski resort is located in the same area as a glacier and has tons of snow during the winter and summer.

Folgefonna has all you need for your ski trip. Availability is very important, and waiting for winters can be really hard. Still, this is not the main focus of the ski resort. The main focus is the quality of their service and not simply availability.

Folgefonna glacier
Folgefonna glacier
5627 Jondal, Norway

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