Sunday at the Brussels green market

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Go green at Place Flagey in Brussels

Place Flagey, Brussels
Place Flagey, Brussels
Eugène Flageyplein, 1050 Elsene, Βέλγιο

When you live in Brussels, just like anywhere else, the most awaited time is the weekend of course. For many people it is not only because they would mostly spend it on their sofa, in front of Netflix and with cold beer, but because, most probably, they would take the first opportunity to travel to one of the nearby countries. Having a perfect weekend getaway is one amongt many advantages of living in Bruxelles ma belle. However, if you do find yourself too lazy to move or in a situation where you feel like staying in the European capital for the weekend it's not the worst idea (and not because your wallet or gut told you so), then join me on the most amazing, relaxing and definitely memorable Sunday at the green market at Place Flagey in Brussels.

If I am being completely honest, cooking is not my favorite thing to do. Add to that extensive grocery shopping and I am always ready to bail. Shopping at the green market per se never managed to satisfy my shopaholic cravings. But for some reason, that sunny Sunday, my beloved Amanda and I were eager to do old-school grocery shopping, some cooking and mindful meal prep for the upcoming week. More importantly, we wanted to try out a slightly different kind of lifestyle. She suggested the green market at Place Flagey, near her house. Frankly, after three years of living in Belgium, I did recall the imagery of people joyfully tasting and buying fresh fruit and veggies, trying out homemade delicacies and enjoying the sun. I never thought I would be one of them.

Place Flagey is so conveniently reachable from almost anywhere. As I arrived at the bus stop, I was at first slightly scared of the substantial amount of people. The early bird crowd was there and eager to shop. I almost felt like an outcast for coming after noon, so I decided to sit on the side, at one of the beautiful benches at the square and listen to some Sunday jazz, because why not. The music, sun and fountain at the square was perfectly fulfilling for all those smiley people who were either patiently waiting at the line for the most famous frites or buying fresh fruits and veggies.

Once Amanda arrived, we have started our shopping tour. I must tell you, I never expected to have so much fun. My admiration for all the variety of choices – from fresh fruits, veggies to all sorts of meat, cheese and yogurt to my favorite, nuts - was never ending. The whole atmosphere at the green market at Place Flagey is contagiously cheerful, so you will find yourself really happy, just like as I was.

Finally, if you get tired from all the shopping, you can always sit at the open bars in the square, enjoy a cold beer and warm sun. You will be amazed to see how much the simple experience such as shopping at the green market at Place Flagey can be soothing. I know for us it most certainly was.

Photos credits @P.Starcevic

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