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Taqueria El Torito: Mexican enchantment in Bucharest

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What do you remember most when visiting a new country? The sights or the culture? A feeling of excitement that you get when discovering something new? Different smells and tastes that envelop you when entering a market or a restaurant? If the cuisine excites you as much as the sights do, then you are in for a treat. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a multicultural city which encompasses cuisines from many corners of the world. Here, close to the city center, travelers can find a Mexican enchantment. Taqueria El Torito is the restaurant to go to when your day needs a pop of color and your taste buds a bit of spoiling.

Taqueria el Torito Restaurant
Taqueria el Torito Restaurant
Strada Apolodor 3, București 050741, Romania

What makes Taqueria El Torito special?

Taqueria El Torito is a homey Mexican restaurant where the colors and smells mix together and provide an excellent experience. First, you step onto a terrace which is sealed tight in the winter and offers all the warmth you need. The long tables throughout the terrace make sure that at the end of the day, travelers don't just go home with their stomachs filled but also with friends made. The first thing you notice when entering this establishment is the cheerful mood and chatter of its visitors. Authentic Mexican food and music provide a relaxing and fun experience. 

From the terrace, visitors step into the restaurant where the walls are covered with vibrant colors. There are many paintings inside, done by a famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera. The main focus of the room is an entire wall filled with Mexican drinks in bottles, all lined up carefully by colors. 

Food and drinks

This brightly colored restaurant offers a range of popularly known dishes, such as Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos, and Tamales. The portions of food are just right, and the spices are many. Spicy food lovers have come here to the right place. Jalapeno peppers can be added to each meal for that extra kick. Vegetarians are in luck, there being many food options to choose from.  

The staff offers the cocktails that are as colorful as the restaurant's walls. With all sorts of interesting names, the cocktails are a must have. If cocktails aren't to your liking, then maybe beer is. The restaurant has not only Mexican beer but also quite a few Romanian ones

A night to remember

A picture says one thousand words, so why not take a picture with the sombreros and ponchos that the staff offers. The personnel speaks Spanish, as well as English and Romanian, so you are in good hands. Every now and then, the staff hires a Mariachi band to come and perform in the evenings. This doesn't happen regularly, so make sure to give them a call before your arrival. This way, you can plan accordingly.

The restaurant is very close to the city center and many of Bucharest's attractions. The People's House is a short walking distance away. Combine sightseeing with this Mexican enchantment while visiting Bucharest to get the most of your experience. Taqueria El Torito is waiting for you with good vibes and open arms.

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