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Tbilisi Concert Hall – a cultural center of Tbilisi

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Travel Tips For Tbilisi

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Tbilisi Concert Hall is very valuable for Georgians as the city’s most important events take place here, so we can say that it is a cultural center of Tbilisi. In the beginning, its name was “Country’s Great concert hall of Philharmony”, so even today people sometimes simply call it Philharmony, so don’t be confused if you hear it. However, before I tell you why it is so important and what events you can attend there, I will tell you a brief story of its construction.

Everything you need to know about Tbilisi Concert hall

The main architect of the city, Ivane Chkhenkeli built the Tbilisi concert hall in 1971. Its construction started in 1961. This circle-shaped building is the biggest concert hall in Tbilisi that can accommodate up to 2300 spectators. Its design is considered to be advanced for that time because usually, glass covering was not common back then.

This building can resist an earthquake of magnitude up to 8. In addition, it has special acoustic walls so that the sound can be heard in the whole hall even without sound amplifiers. In the beginning, this building was meant to be a panoramic cinema with a big screen, but later it was removed and the building was redesigned as a concert hall.

Today it is 100% self-financed. Renting a concert hall costs 15000 Gel and a small hall, that can accommodate up to 500 people mainly for exhibitions and special events is accordingly 6000 Gel.

In front of the building, you can see a monumental sculpture of “Muse” – a source of inspiration. It is a beautiful woman spreading hands wide open. The sculpture is made out of bronze.

The Concert hall and more…

Tbilisi city hall is located on Melikishvili Street, a 5-minute walking distance from Rustaveli metro station. Next to it, there is a beautiful Vera Park. On the first floor of the building, there is a café-restaurant Elvis. In front of it, there is a fountain, which is a favorite place for children especially during hot days in summer.

Furthermore, in the same building, there is Amirani cinema, where you can attend many premiers of famous movies. There you can watch movies in Georgian, English or Russian languages.

Just make sure you check the timetable on before planning to go to the cinema. However, do not mind if you get there a few hours earlier for the movie or the concert, because as I told you there are many places to keep yourself occupied.

Why is it a cultural center of Tbilisi?

The main events of the city usually happen here, including musical concerts, famous TV programs such as X-factor, Talent Show and many more. You can also attend here performances of Georgian traditional dance or folk music.

Tbilisi Concert Hall has played a huge role in the development of national music art and embracing our culture. Furthermore, this is an unchanged place for the annual Tbilisi Jazz Festival. In 2018, there was twenty-first Jazz Festival on 28-30 of April. If you are a Jazz lover, you can think about planning your trip to Georgia during Tbilisi Jazz Festival, as it is such an experience you should not miss.

Tbilisi Concert Hall
Tbilisi Concert Hall
1 Petre Melikishvili St, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia

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