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Tbilisi’s Stonehenge – the Chronicle of Georgia

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Tbilisi is full of amazing sightseeing, but one place that you don’t want to miss while visiting it is definitely Stonehenge of Tbilisi. There is Mount Keeni near Tbilisi Sea (in reality this is Tbilisi Lake but people call it the sea because of its size).

Nobody exactly knows, why this mountain’s name is Keeni, I guess it comes from the tradition of Keenoba. It is satirizing the foreign invaders of Georgia. However, in this article, I am going to tell you about the museum that is located near this mountain. It is an open sky museum. Georgians call it “Stonehenge of Tbilisi” and some of them call this place “the Chronicle of Georgia.”

The great author of the monument…

The author of this monument is Zurab Tsereteli. He was born in 1934. He graduated from Academy of Arts in Tbilisi. Nowadays, Zurab Tsereteli lives and works in Russia and his sculptures can be found on all continents. Zurab started the creation of “the Chronicle of Georgia” in 1980.

This is a monument, that is created from the pillars of the stones and a timeline of Georgia is reflected on it. The pillars of Georgian history are proudly standing and overlooking the Tbilisi Sea. From this place, you can really enjoy the great views of the Tbilisi Sea and the beautiful views of Tbilisi, as far as your eyes can reach.

Why is this Stonehenge interesting?

The Monument (Stonehenge) tells us the history of the different epoch.

On the Stonehenge, you can see the kings of Georgia and people, who have contributed to the history of Georgia. There is reflected a cross of Saint Nino and the lifecycle of Jesus. The part of Georgian literature is also shown on the pillars such as “The torture of Shushaniki” (IV century). Furthermore, you can find on it different scenes of celebration. Various holidays are very deeply engraved in Georgian cultures such as Khareba, Easter, Pentecostal, a feast of the Transfiguration and many more.

Visiting Tbilisi Stonehenge brings great emotions not only to Georgians but also to the guests. They are always very excited about this place.

There is a small church of Saint Mary nearby. This church gets visitors’ attention immediately. Beautiful frescoes are made of vitreous enamel. The art of Georgian vitreous enamel started in ancient times and it is famous for its variety of colors. Looking at them you will feel the real Georgian Spirit.

What’s more about the monument, currently Stonehenge is under the construction as it needs some rehabilitation. However, the numbers of visitors are increasing day by day. This place makes you feel that history is alive and it will never be forgotten.

Tbilisi Sightseeing
Tbilisi Sightseeing
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi's Stonehenge
Tbilisi's Stonehenge
Gldani-Nadzaladevi, Tbilisi, Georgia

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