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" Te Xhoni " - Tirana

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I remember that during the first year of university , I was searching for a place that I could volunteer. I don't quite remember how I first learned about Jonathan Center but I immediately went there and became a volunteer.

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about Jonathan Center. This place more than just a center is a second home for all children with Down Syndrome. Children of different ages go there to take the therapies they need and furthermore they go there to entertain themselves, to have a great time and to learn by doing. And everything that this center offers is for free regarding the needs of the children. I spent a lot of time there and without doubt I can say that the people who work there contribute everyday in children's development. For them it's just not work, it's more about helping these children have a normal life no matter the opinions that flow in the air.

So, you may be wondering "What has this article to do with tourism?"... I can say that on my opinion it has many common points with it, and as I said Jonathan Center it's not just a center. Whenever you find yourself scrolling through the streets of Tirana , pay yourself a visit at Jonathan Center. Once you go there, you won't regret it. The staff is very friendly and they will welcome you in such a friendly way you wont forget. Ask them if you can take part in "Art Therapy" ,where children being helped by the volunteers create such amazing artworks and then participate together in different fairs. I assure you that children will be very happy to work with you and share smiles and hugs with you! It doesen't matter if you volunteer for 1 month or just an hour, I think it's the importance of doing something lies in the efforts you put in creating a friendly atmosphere and helping others with that time you have.


Furthemore, following the line of the best bars in Tirana, for this one I can say that it's the most unique. Outside the center, is situated "Te Xhoni", a small bar where children will serve coffee to you or anything you order. With time they have become professionals in their "job" and will make sure to give you an amazing time full of laughs. Take a friend, go there, have a drink, do some chitchat together and why not, buy a postcard made from their hands with such love and patience.


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