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Have you ever wanted to divide a city into the categories of the 5 senses? Where one place is for the smell. Another is for touching. This is what I did in Tromsø. I found the places of the highest quality and categorized them into the 5 senses.


There's an exciting little kiosk that is in the center called ''Raketten''. It has endured world wars because it was created in 1911 and have regional beers and hot dogs.


Tromsø has an undercover music scene. It's very local and you'll discover a lot of patriotic bands playing around here. There could be hard rock band who chants a lot about fish for example. Check out Blå rock cafe. Pretty much the only rock n roll bar in Tromsø which is devoted to the genre. If you demand the best burger in town you will hear Burger King or Blå rock. Blå rock have a solid choice of beers. 50 different beers they say.


The landscape part is like a jewel to Tromsø. It has to be praised and conserved. To see it all you must go up the mountain lift to glance down at the tiny big city here in the north. It's open during summer and winter. This could be a great place for your wedding. They do those sorts of events here. They also have a legendary cinema here. It's unique because of its yearly film festival. It's called TIFF. This festival is around january-march every year and they show upcoming talents who create movies related to the north. Additionally, they have other films that don't get to proceed to the biggest cinemas. I saw the NAS rap documentary here for example. You can also check out all that northern lights stuff here.


For touch, you have to try out Kayak paddling. Because we're always on the ground staring into the water. Looking at the city from the water is so unusual. Go up the hills with your skis and snowboard because they have an alpine slope here. It's the same place as the mountain lift.


You could go down to the fish factory and experience a lot of smell if you like. But instead, I aspire to give you something meager. Something that is not very commercialized. I want to give you the smell of an individual coffee shop and local food as opposed to that commercialized thing that you encounter in every city. For honest food, we have Emmas Drømmekjøkken. Here there is local seafood and cakes and coffee in the same house.

Bonus: The 6th sense

Here I could put a church or a yoga center for you to check out. I would highly advocate for you to sleep over in a lavvo. Then you can learn about the old-fashioned nature gods of the Sami people. The Sami people made the nature their god and had a lot of shamans until Norway made them Christians. The cathedral you can experience here is the Ice sea cathedral (Ishavskatedralen). It has a fancy design which Jan Inge Hovig was responsible for.

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