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The Barcelona graffiti scene and its correlation to skateboarding

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I will give you a general view of some specific things about who is doing graffiti here in the Barcelona. On top of that, I will relate it to skateboarding, to the mind of the creator, and the observer.

Exarchia street art is the Greek version of this.

In the skatepark of Paral-lel

Paral-lel has so much good graffiti around it. This is the connection between the graffiti artist and the skate artist. We don’t talk to each other. But the graffiti speaks to us when we see them in the background of a skate video.

I made a skateboard article about also called ''Paral-lel the skatepark''. Pay attention to how the graffiti surroundings make this place so eye-capturing.

Aesthetics and emotion

Aesthetics is what you get from graffiti. It is not the only thing you get. Graffiti functions as an update to peoples emotions and political situation. You could detect a suppressive demon who conquers an unfortunate guy with a promise of power, for example.

Subjectivism in the expression

Another cool thing is that every expression will be different. You get a super personalized view of the world from every artist you encounter. The individuality will take you. It's not only individuality. You will also find a community and a relevance to the outer environment. A good expression of art will give you quality precision and a heartfelt the accurate message.

Stereotyped as introverts

The graffiti artists are silent and calm in their performance in Barcelona. Maybe everywhere it’s like this. It requires precision to do the graffiti. Too much physical excitement will not benefit your artwork. Unless you like modern art.

Murs Lliures

Murs Lliures are walls that whoever wants can make their artwork without any troubles. The skatepark walls at Paral-lel is an example of this.

Good locations with good art

Hangar, The Gothic Quarter, THE Graffiti corner, The Three Chimneys urban park, La Carboneria, The corner of Sant Pau, Poblenou, Euro shark

Artists that are worthy of checking out in Barcelona

These are artists who have made their mark in Barcelona. They are not necessarily located in Barcelona right now, but their artwork is.

Pez, Xupet Negre, Chanoir, Kenor, Mina Hamada, Btoy, H101, Aryz, Debens, Sixeart.

You can find their artwork at ''Poblenou''. The place is known as ''The graffiti corner''.

For a graffiti locator app: Wall spot

Wall spot shows you graffiti in your city. You can upload your art or art that you walk by in the street.

The kids paint during school time

Just to put variation into the scene, I want to tell you that small school kids are encouraged to make graffiti during school time. Or to call it wall paintings would be more understandable. The schools actually organize hours of school time for the best painters at the school to make artwork on their walls.

The cool thing about graffiti is that you can walk by a random place in the city and find a world-class performance

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