The best ham croquettes in the world- Madrid

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If you’ve ever travelled in Spain I’m pretty sure you’ve heard people praising their famous local delicacies and in this case their ham croquettes (well, in Spanish jamoooon, I m sure you know it & it’s delicious ).

Indeed after reading a super interesting gastronomical magazine published in Spain, I gotta confirm that yes the best ham croquettes can be found in Spain and specifically in Madrid. And I m now coming with proof.

What makes a ham croquette perfect, that unique that it can be characterised as the best croquette in the whole world? And who can actually judge it properly?

The IV International Champion Joselito Competition is an annual culinary jamon-related festival & competition in Spain. After tasting the elaborations proposed by each of the finalists the jury, made up of specialized journalists, prestigious chefs and gastronomic specialists and the food industry, proclaims the winner of the championship. The award? The title of 'IV International Champion Joselito to World's Best Ham Croquettes' as well as an exclusive Joselito Vintage 2008 ham.

According to the experts in the field, the winner should have a good texture and shape, good flavor and above all, a good béchamel. However, the bechamel, it is not the only point to consider, since the type of oil in which they are fried in, as well as their pre-preparation & refrigeration are factors of huge importance.

Feeling hungry yet? If you’d love to try some of the world’s best ham croquettes while visiting Madrid here’s a list with a few nominees that managed to get in the top-5 final selection!

Bon appetite!

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