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The best in December: Advent in Zagreb

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Welcome to the best Christmas market 2016 and 2017! It's the most wonderful time of the year and let's add - the shiniest time of the year. The time when more and more public squares in Europe turn into glowing places full of people moving around, eating and drinking mulled wine or tea. Zagreb, capital of Croatia, came up on the map of best Christmas markets in Europe, beating Vienna and Prague. Squares and streets turn into glowing stages where we all get that energy and when we all surrender in front of that atmosphere. No matter how much you love or hate Christmas spirit advent in Zagreb is definitely something the best that can be visited in December.

Although it can be very cold in Zagreb during those pre-Christmas days, advent organizers came up to great idea - heaters are around the squares and streets and on some places open fire can be seen. But sometimes hot chocolate, mulled wine or just woolen scarf and gloves can help and let's not forget - cool rhythms made by all those great bands playing outside. Christmas market offers many things but my favorite part are freshly prepared food, hot drinks and ice park with fountain inside King Tomislav Square.

Advent in Zagreb consists of many "small" advents as part of this big event. Advent on Zrinjevac, Advent on European Square, Advent in Croatian railway museum, Advent in Prekrižje, Advent in the tunnel... are only few parts of this huge puzzle called Advent in Zagreb. All the city is one big stage - especially ice park on King Tomislav Square with real stage lights. All the lights are on, all the time, even during the day you feel all those little lights and electric candles are turned on. And if you are romantic soul definitely for you the best option will be a ride in horse carriages - white horses and the driver with cylinder hat will make this ride even more romantic.

In the end enjoy this video of the advent atmosphere in Zagreb from the begging of the month December.

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