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The Blue Pearl of the Adriatic - the Blue Grotto

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Yes, at the Croatian coast you have so much to see and feel. I already wrote about many different locations, such as Cres, Krk, Split, as well as about the Dalmatian cuisine and Dalmatian wine. But, every vacation has it’s own best of the best. Speaking about the Croatian islands that is for sure the Blue Grotto (Croatian: Modra špilja), the Blue Pearl of the Adriatic, the must-see place if you are visiting the Split-Dalmatian county and the nearby islands, such as Hvar, Vis, Brač, Šolta or Korčula. Take a deep breath, prepare your camera, open your eyes, and, let's dive in this sea cave.

Blue cave in Biševo
Blue cave in Biševo
Modra špilja, 21485, Biševo, Croatie

From all of these islands, and Split also, there is a way to get to this amazing cave, which is located on the east side of the island Biševo, in a small bay - Balun. Before 1884, it was reachable only by diving, as it has its natural entrance below the sea level. That year, the artificial entrance was built by crushing the rocks. And not just that. It gave this place it’s magical charm. This entrance today can be taken by only smaller boats and swimming isn’t allowed in this cave. All that caused that the cave you can visited only via tours organized by the tourist agencies or diving associations. The best time of the day to see the Blue Grotto is between 11 AM and 12 AM. As I wrote, the entrance is possible only in a smaller boat and in smaller groups. The length of the cave is only 24 meters, and the depth is 12 meters at its maximum.

The name of the cave comes from the blue light appearing in sunny days, when the sunlight is reflected from the bottom of the sea, and on the limestone walls it reflects as a cheerful blue color, while the objects in the water have magnificent silver color. For the moment, you will feel like you are on the surface of another planet, or you can have the feeling (like many other people) that "this cave is like a movie set". And indeed, this is a kind of the stage/set, or let's say the best movie set that nature and sea can make. It is really breathtaking, and every time it seems different than the last time you visited it. And I can promise that you will desire to come back just one more time.

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How to reach it: don't forget that it's not possible to enter the cave in your own boat. Only official tours are permitted, since the cave is too small and many people want to see it at the same time. The good thing is that you can book a tour in Split and Dubrovnik as well. Have it in mind that, if you are coming from Italy, more specifically from Ancona, you have the opportunity to anchor yourself for a day or two and visit this Blue Grotto, the Blue pearl of Adriatic.

On the island of Vis, and its city Komiža, you can book an official tour of the Blue Cave.

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