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The city of spa: Baden-Baden!

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Travel Tips For Baden-Baden

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Baden-Baden or in English "The Baths in Baden", is a lovely spa town in the gorgeous Baden-Württemberg region in Germany. This adorable town was built on thermal springs at the edge of the magical Black Forest which makes the city right in nature! The curative waters of this amazing town attract lot's of celebs every year! From Victoria Beckham to Barack Obama, from royals to historical figures like Bismarck visited Baden-Baden. Now it's your turn! I won't lie, this city reminds me of the beautiful Karlovy Vary. You can reach the city from Baden Airport within Europe or by a train. If you are in Mannheim, Heidelberg or in Karlsruhe, you can reach the city under an hour. Its possible to explore the city on foot, but of course, you can use the extensive bus lines. So, if you want to check out Baden-Baden, here is your guide!

Since it is a spa town, your first stop should be the Trinkhalle! This spa and health resort, which promotes the healing power of its thermal water, was built 1839–42 by Heinrich Hübsch in a complementary architectural style. The 16 Corinthian columns support the 90-meter-long open vestibule, where you can view 14 gorgeous wall-paintings! Those who prefer to enjoy the view from the foyer, which is open to the east, can enjoy the sight of Kaiserallee, the monument of Kaiser Wilhelm I. After you get mesmerized by the view, you can enjoy the healing waters and calm your body & soul.

Kaiserallee 3, 76530 Baden-Baden, Almanya

Caracalla Therme spa has a huge space for relaxing and bathing at leisure in hot thermal waters. The complex has numerous pools and the Roman-styled sauna complex with an outdoor area! If that is not enough, you can also enjoy the picturesque castle gardens and of course the ancient Roman bath ruins! This spa complex is located in the famous Friedrichsbad. In here, you can get to visit more than 2000-year-old bath ruins just for 2,50 Euro! Not just that, if you want to relax more, you can have an exclusive bathing treat with the changing temperatures and the precious thermal water in the various baths in the Roman-Irish bath! And don't forget to get a soap-and-brush massage. After the massage, you can get rid of your toxins in the sauna. It is definitely a unique experience to be tried at least once in your lifetime.

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