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The city of tranquility: Dalyan!

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Dalyan is the city of tranquility for me. Whenever I go, I feel like a goddess since this gorgeous city is an ancient city with a world-famous beach and natural mud baths which has a warm sulfur pool! Picture this: You can start your day having your breakfast while looking at the otherworldly rock tombs, then continue your day with swimming with the endangered Loggerhead Turtle and after that, you can nourish your skin with mud baths. And of course later that night you can have a boat tour while sipping your wine!

This heaven on earth city is located in Muğla, in Turkey. Here is established in an environmentally protected area where natural beauty meets history! Dalyan is one of the few untouched places in Turkey that still keeps its natural beauty. You can reach this city from Dalaman Airport or just simply take a bus from anywhere in Turkey. So if you want to check out Dalyan, here is your guide!

The ancient city of Kaunos should be your first place to visit in this charming city. The impressive ruins of ancient Kaunos is a fascinating and well-preserved archaeological site in Dalyan which was founded as early as the 9th or 8th century BC. This ancient city hosted civilizations such as; Persian Empire, the Athenian (Delian) League, Sparta, Caria, Rhodes, Ptolemaic Egypt, Macedon, Rhodes again, Pontus and eventually Rome! But of course, it gained his popularity by its stunning and nearly unique rock-cut temple tombs called Amyntas Rock Tombs. The temple tombs, clustered in two main groups and it has a reflection of the mixed cultural character of Kaunos. The rock-cut graves are an Anatolian standard and monumental ones have a Persian influence!

Not only that the nature in here is also amazing! In this ancient sea you can get to see species such as the Sparrow hawk, Crane, Kingfisher and Jay! I am not even mentioning the cutest Caretta carettas! When you first enter the city, lush plantations of oranges and especially pomegranates will welcome you. The ruins are located on two limestone outcrops, known as the Upper and Lower Acropolis. In here you can also check out the stunning Greek theatre, the Hellenistic fountain, the early Byzantine basilica church and many more! After that, you have to check out the natural mud baths to have a nice bath with minerals and sulfur. Not even mentioning that this site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

Ancient City of Kaunos
Ancient City of Kaunos
Dalyan Mahallesi, Ortaca/Muğla, Turquie
Amyntas Rock Tombs
Amyntas Rock Tombs
Kesikkapı Mahallesi, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla, Turquie

İztuzu beach should be the second stop of this wonderful trip! This unique beach has a 5 km long arch of a golden sand which makes it perfect to swim, walk and lie under the sun while you listen to the calming sounds of the waves! And of course you can hang out with gorgeous hundreds of loggerhead turtles, one of the oldest surviving species in the world!

Iztuzu Beach
Iztuzu Beach
Gökbel Mahallesi, 48600 Dalaman/Ortaca/Muğla, Turquie

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