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The coolest beach bar in Vienna – Strandbar Herrmann

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Sun, sand, a cocktail in the hand, great music. You have to admit it sounds great "where should you sign in?" Just because Austria doesn’t have sea it does not mean that there are no beaches and beach bars, even in its capital. Don’t dismiss Vienna as a summer holiday spot. There is something special about summer in Vienna, in order to have great summer holiday you don´t have to head for Mediterranean or Caribbean the city itself offers you a lot of places where you can experience a real summer feeling, despite the hectic of the big city. One of the best places to dive into holiday atmosphere is a bar Herrmann Strandbad.

Herrmann Strandbad is located in the city centre at the confluence of river Wien into Donau Kanal. It is at a very convenient place, easy to reach from every point in the city. Since 2005, the rather secluded and neglected Herrmann park has transformed into the best beach bar in the city. It owes name to Emanuel Herrmann, the now probably forgotten inventor of the postcard.


When it opened there was hardly anything like a beach bar in the middle of the city. Something new for Viennese and it was immediate success. Unlike other bars that are located directly on the Kanal, Hermann Strandbar is at the somewhat crozier, more hidden place, without traffic and even away from pedestrian promenade. The moment you enter it you have left the hustle and bustle of the city and in front of you are only the beach bar, sand, beach chairs and shady trees.

Herrmann’s is much more than a typical beach bar. Of course you can enjoy here the good food, cold drinks and tasty cocktails; there is even a daily happy hour from 17 till 18 o’clock, perfect for after work party. In addition, you can do yoga on Sundays and there is pavilion that you can rent for all kind of events, you can even marry here. Often there are public viewings of different events, such as football matches or even concerts. The bar hasn’t gone unnoticed internationally the famous luxury and lifestyle travel magazine "Condé Nast Traveler” named it the second best bar in the world.


If you are in Vienna on a sunny spring or summer day there's nothing like relaxing at Herrmann Strandbar with friends and admiring the sunset in a cosy holiday atmosphere.

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