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The dog of Flanders in Antwerp, Belgium

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When walking around the streets of Antwerp you might have never heard about a young Boy Nello and his dog Patrasche. It is a very famous story in Japan, but in Belgium almost nobody knows about it. But even while wandering through Antwerp, there are a few reminders of the story. It might be interesting to go and visit the places next to all the usual touristic attractions.


In Hoboken, part of Antwerp, you can find this statue dedicated to Nello and Patrasche. This is the place where they lived together with their father in the story. In that time dogs were still used to carry weights and push forth carts. On other places throughout Antwerp as well you can see statues and references to these two.

The Cathedral

The most important place in the story might be the cathedral in Antwerp. This is the place where Nello really wants to enter so he can see the famous paintings of Rubens. He does not have the money to pay the entry fee and so is unable to see them. Time passes on and life is not kind on Nello and Patrasche. After the dead of his father his life goes even more downhill, In the end Nello manages to sneak into the cathedral and passes away in front of the Rubens painting, next to his loyal Friend Patrasche.

This is a glass window from the Cathedral that pictures both of them. With the sentence "Patrasche was Nero's only friend" written next to it. The cathedral itself is also a very beautiful place. It certainly deserves a visit when visiting Antwerp. The painting shown in the movie is "the elevation of the Cross" and you can visit it once you have paid the entrance fee to the cathedral.

Wapper 9-11, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Antwerp Cathedral, Belgium
Antwerp Cathedral, Belgium
Groenplaats, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Statue Patrasche and Nello in Hoboken
Statue Patrasche and Nello in Hoboken
Kapelstraat 64, 2660 Antwerpen, Belgium

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