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The far north national park in Norway called Stabbursdalen

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Are you in for a treat from the north of Norway! It's not reindeer meat (although it could be that, too). Up here, far north, you'll encounter a national park called Stabbursdalen. The goal of this national park is to emphasize the culture of this part of the country called Finnmark. From what I've seen (which is a lot), I would say they did a pretty good job.

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The trees, the people, the experience

What you will hear over and over about the place is that it has the Northmost pine forest and the trees are around 500 years old while the first people to walk around here was 10000 - 12000 years ago. When considering how far north the park is, that is quite interesting. For cultural prioritization, I will include the Sami name of the place which is Rávttošvuopmi. From Narvik, and upward in the country, you'll see the Samish name of places on the road signs as they are the indigenous people of Norway. If you like indigenous people, you should read The Sami people of North of Norway!

Stabbursdalen National Park, 9710 Indre Billefjord, Norway

Talking about rivers

I'm told by the guys by the river that Stabburselva is known for the amazing salmon that are fished from here. The fish types that you mostly find are Salmon. There are two major kinds of Salmon in the river. That is the Brown salmon and the Atlantic salmon. Sea trout and Pike are also hanging out in the river. The rules for fishing was implemented recently and says 3 fish per person. Salmon over 80 cm have to be let back into the waters. You have to pay 300 euros if you break this rule.

Keeping the culture since 1970

Since the goal of this park is to preserve the Samish way of life it is less restricted than other areas of Norway in regards to hunting and picking berries. You can also see the Sami people's reindeer herds when you're walking around. This means that you get to go grouse hunting as much as you like. After the treatment of Sami people from the past, Norway has a type of collective consciousness that lets the Sami people do what they want rather than simply restricting them.

Bonus info about the birds here!

Birds are a huge part of national parks. In the same way that sound is a huge part of the movie. The sound is maybe 50% responsible for the quality of a movie. This is why we enjoy cinemas so much. The birds are the unspoken hero of forests because they make the music! Stabbursdalen is quite diverse with their birds. It's even the place of the most registered bird species in Norway.

Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum
Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum
Stabbursnes, 9710 Indre Billefjord, Finnmark, Norway

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