The first skate hotel ever!

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Get ready for the first skate hotel there is! The name is Camp Vierli. Just what we need, a hotel in the woods in Rauland, Telemark, dedicated to the act of making movements on the beautiful plank of wood with wheels called a skateboard. They have an indoor and an outdoor skatepark which is open the whole year!

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I was surprised in 2012 when I found out that places like this are really being made in little Norway. This was 6 years ago when skateboarding was much smaller than this year. I found out that skateboarding is growing constantly in Norway with X games in Oslo and hotels like this. The place functions as a hotel, hostel, and is arranging skateboard camps.

Camp Vierli skate hotel
Camp Vierli skate hotel
Rjukanvegen 195, 3864 Rauland, Norway

The camp is for everybody

The skate camp is for anyone who wants to skate. Every age and level. The instructors are super inclusive and make a lot of effort for your skateboard well-being. The usual age group is between 8-16 and if your parents want to join without shredding the skate park they can check in to the hotel as a hotel guest.

The situation you find yourself in is something worth noting. You're in the woods with lakes and animals doing their thing while you're in the hotel doing yours

What I saw was a lot of kids jumping down from the top of the biggest slope to the bottom. The slope is probably 2 meters tall and 8-year-old kids jump down it like it's nothing.

What obstacles to discover

Big ramps, small ramps, slopes, pyramid, stairs, curbs, rails, handrails, and a volcano with the Element logo on it. Element made a similar logo on a volcano in the centre of Oslo in 2008 (This knowledge comes from watching every Norwegian skate video since 2006). ''Verktøy i lufta'' needs some credit as the construction company who made such a flawless skatepark. Their name means ''Tools in the air'' in English.

When your skatebord breaks

If your skateboard breaks, there's nothing to worry about. They have skateboards you can use around the hotel area. There's even a skateboard shop where you can get helmets and boards and all you need.

Contests and events

There will be contests and evening activities happening. They might arrange a ''best trick contest'' in the quarter pipe, for example. At the contest, you can win skateboards and skateboard gears. As an evening activity, they might show you new exciting skate videos and similar things.

The chef and the food

The chef is dedicated to making food for all participants according to their allergies and special preferences that you specify when you apply. You'll be fed by the hotel the whole week, no worries.

Get a big breakfast, play some video games, and go straight to the balcony and jump into the ramps together with remarkably enthusiastic folks

The skate camps to join

For the summer, Element Skatecamp is arranged. Great skaters of the Norwegian skateboard family will be your instructors. For the winter, DC Kiddy Camp is held with the same concept.'

Ski centre close to the Skate camp

Vierli terrain park Rauland
Vierli terrain park Rauland
Fv37 44, 3864 Rauland, Norway

Closeby, there's a great snowboard park facility to find. The professionals go here quite a bit and the place is considered one of the best snowboard parks in Norway. You buy one lift card and you can reach all the tops in the Rauland area.

Rauland Ski centre
Rauland Ski centre
Vinje Municipality, Norway

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