The hidden bar of Belgrade - Druid bar

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Welcome to New York City of the early 20th century

Are you a fan of Asterix and Obelix cartoon characters, and their never-ending quests and adventures? If you are, then for sure you thought of them upon reading the title. Perhaps you had another association that led in a completely different direction. In any case, druids are known as the high-ranking professional class in ancient Celtic cultures. Not only were druids legal authorities and political advisors, but also renowned medical experts. Among the plebs, druids were known as the magicians, due to the popular opinion of their limitless wisdom and magic. Druids could do anything, anytime. Well, similar treatment might be offered in the very center of Serbian capital. Feel like sensing some magic? Then Druid bar in Belgrade is absolutely a perfect spot for that.

Druid bar in Belgrade
Druid bar in Belgrade
Cincar Jankova 1, Belgrade, Serbia

If you are feeling like trying out something new and different, far away from all the business and the city crowds, and all in the style of old-school New York City, then Druid bar of Belgrade is the place to be. Trust me, the moment you enter the place, you will feel as if you turned back time and went all the way to a different millennium and different continent.

This relatively new cocktail bar offers a wide variety and a wide selection of custom made cocktails for your taste and preferences as well as other, different alcoholic beverages. Although located in the very center of Belgrade, Druid bar is completely isolated from the city noise, which is something I am sure some of you will love. Once you enter the bar, you will notice that it has a modern decoration, with dominant beige tones. It consists of two parts connected by the big bar. Another great thing about this place is that most of the employees are professional bartenders. As a guest, you will have an amazing opportunity to see their remarkable skills as well as test a wide range of classic and extravagant cocktails.

This is a mysterious bar in the very heart of Belgrade, yet hidden in a small street. It will definitely leave an impression on you. Plus, you will have so many interesting stories to tell. And one last thing, make sure to look out for the light bulb in front of Druid bar, as it is the only indicator whether the place is open or not. If the light bulb is green, you are free to enter into the extravagant ambience of Druid bar of Belgrade.

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