The Italian Party Spot: Riviera Romagnola

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If you want to party in Italy, well let's face it, it is not hard as we all know Italians do love to party :) But If you want TO PARTY along the beach, until the morning, among the craziest crowd and with the loudest music, the Riviera Romagnola is the place to be!

Marina di Ravenna, Milano Marittima, Cervia, Cesenatico, Rimini, Miramare, Riccione and Cattolica are among the most famous towns along this lively sandy riviera, where you will find sandy beaches with all the best comforts, accommodations for all kind of budgets, daily activities and parades and of course THE BEST parties of the summer :)

Disco, pubs, bars and beach locations are everywhere and are the places where 1000 of young Europeans meet from May to October and the atmosphere is just nice and relaxed!

Of course, the best you can do after a great party is recover so that you can have another great one :) this is exactly the spirit along the Riviera Romagnola: young people are there to have fun! And as Italians know very well, food is the medicine you need for keep on partying and having fun!

Riviera Romagnola is known for its best food too: lasagne, bolognese, cannelloni but most of all, the queen of the Italian Street Food: Piadina! Everyone has a different recipe but the common domination is that it is delicious, easy to eat and a kind of food that is considered 'social' as it can be shared or eaten on the beach! So many Piadina places are open all night long and so many people just get and enjoy one after the many parties :)

So now that you have got all the info needed for partying and recovering, here are the best places to go to if you are one of the many party nigh-animals:

As all the best party places, the Riviera Romagnola does get busy (which I am sure it adds up to the pro when willing to party!) but even if it is hard to find a nice free spot on the many sandy beaches, do not worry! In this area there are so many water parks that you will never get bored and will not miss the beach at all :) here are my favorite ones:

Need more? check this out! Every simmer night you might bump into one of these nice festivities... and the party is guaranteed!

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Nicolas Casula

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