The last chance to visit the Maison Rouge in Paris

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This is your last chance to visit the Maison Rouge in Paris (the Red House in English), an emblematic place of contemporary art. Created in 2004, the Maison Rouge, is a fascinating space imagined as a temporary exhibition center that promotes different facets of contemporary creations. This place will close its doors permanently on October 28, 2018, so, hurry up to see and admire - L’envol” - the final exhibition!

The Maison rouge
The Maison rouge
10 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris, France

The Red House

The Maison Rouge was created on the initiative of Antoine de Galbert, a business manager and great lover of contemporary art. For ten years, he was running an art gallery in Grenoble, and during that time he made the impressive art collection. In 2004, in a former factory near the Place de la Bastille, he opened the original space named the Maison Rouge, dedicated to contemporary art. The Maison Rouge has an exhibition space of 1,300 m2, a café-restaurant, a place dedicated to young artists, a patio for outdoor exhibitions and a multimedia room for conferences and concerts. During past 14 years, they organized many exhibitions, like “Black Dolls” or “Under Influences”, a major exhibition that addresses the relationship between the artists and psychotropics. You are probably wondering now, why are they closing? This place seems to be so interesting. Well, Antoine de Galbert, the founder of the Maison Rouge, said that he has a feeling that he cannot do any better in the years to come and prefers to close this space while the Maison Rouge is at the peak of its fame.

Place de la Bastille
Place de la Bastille
Place de la Bastille, 75011 Paris, France

The last exhibition

It is the time to close the curtain, and the last exhibition “L’envol” at the Maison Rouge promises to be memorable. These specialists of the art brut and contemporary art, Barbara Safarova, Aline Vidal and Bruno Decharme, have imagined an exhibition that examines mankind's dream of flying – though without any reference to those who have actually made this dream come true. This exhibition is bringing together the work of art brut, modern, contemporary and ethnographic art. A walk through the various themes reveals a succession of some 200 works, including the installations, films, documents, paintings, drawings and sculptures. “L’envol” is definitely worth visiting, so don’t be late!

“The absence of a long-term future for la Maison Rouge, the sensation that I could not do any better in the years to come, and the risk of becoming "entrenched" go a long way towards explaining my decision. When I set up la Maison Rouge, I quickly realized that one day I would have to bring it to an end, and it seems better to me that we should quit while we're ahead. Free to open and free to close…”, said Antoine de Galbert.

Practical Information

It is your last chance to visit the Maison Rouge in Paris, so let me give you few practical information. The Maison Rouge is open every day except Monday and Tuesday, from 11 am to 7 pm, and every Thursday until 9 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays at 4 p.m, the Maison Rouge offers a guided tour of the current exhibition. Also, every month, they organize special activities for children, like reading the fairy tells by a professional storyteller.

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