The Lavender Farm in Santăul Mic and the Reed Reserve in Șic

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Falling in love with nature

I discovered the power of lavender a few years ago, when putting the first flowers of lavender under my pillow. I then started enjoying a better sleep. Falling in love with the beauty of this plant is easy. Some friends of mine recently visited the Lavender Farm in Santăul Mic and told me how astonishing this place is. I admire the fact that it is a place of nature unveiled. The same feeling I get when visiting the Reed Reserve in Șic.

The Lavender Farm

About 17.000 lavender flowers and a stunning landscape are all the work of a couple from Oradea. One of the farm's owner, Szoboszlai Csaba studied under the great Dutch horticulturist, Piet Oudolf, member of the New Perennial Movement. He wants to create a place, from where people leave with a smile on their face and feeling energized.

Lavender Farm in Santăul Mic
Lavender Farm in Santăul Mic
Lavender Farm Oradea, DC71, Romania

Not only you will experience an amazing view, here you can try some lavender products: a hand cream, a soap, bath salts or a pouch filled with lavender. I have a lavender pouch under my pillow, by the way.

Maybe the main reason for you to visit the farm is to see the lavender. But the owners didn’t stop there. This year they exposed over 20.000 tulips and are planning to add lots of other flowers in the next years. There are about 300 species and 10.000 flowers that will delight your eyes. By the way, the photos in the lavender field look amazing.

The Reed Reserve

The Reed Reserve in Șic is the second largest reservation in Romania (after the Danube Delta) and true heaven in the heart of Transylvania. The reserve has a total of 505 hectares, from which 220 hectares are cultivated with reed. Various species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and 42 species of plants can also be seen here.

What I find astonishing there, is 1 km long wooden pontoon that crosses the reed field. While admiring this unspoiled nature and taking a walk on the wooden pontoon, you can also see one of the observation towers. The wooden tower has a free access, and one could use it for observing birds. Three of them to be seen here are rare species.

It is a perfect way to end your vacation, by staring at nature, enjoying a picnic and some quality time with your loved ones in this amazing place. Don’t forget to take some photos when visiting his heavenly place. They will be the greatest souvenirs to take back home.

The Reed Reservation in Șic
The Reed Reservation in Șic
Stufărișurile de la Sic, DJ109D, Sic 407540, Romania

Nature lovers, put this two destinations, the Lavender Farm in Santăul Mic and the Reed Reserve in Șic, on your bucket list. You won’t regret it! I love places with unspoiled nature and amazing landscapes. This two destinations will offer you just that, and you will get home with some of the most incredible photos.

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