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The Love of Two Giants, Kas

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This ancient port of Phellus, known as Kas today, is much more than just a holiday destination in the Turquoise Coast of southwest Turkey. An ancient legend has it that there were two giants madly in love with each other living in two neighboring islands, Phellus and Megisti(known as Kastellorizo today), the only time they could meet was when the tide brings these two islands together. As the time changes and the centuries go by the water stopped rising and these two lovers went for a long lasting sleep until they meet again. Today it is believed that if lovers look at this giant in the eye and wish for a life long happiness, they will find it.

This laid back and calm Mediterranean town started to become quite popular in the recent years, even though the location is slightly remote. It takes up to 4 hours from Antalya and 3 hours from Dalaman to get to this ancient city. The roads are not too friendly for those with a weak stomach but I can guarantee you that the destination waiting for you will worth the long journey.

Kas welcomes you with every tone of blue and green, flowers in every balcony and smiles in everyone's faces. I must say, this city is beautiful in every season, if you visit here during spring or summer, you will find a vibrant holiday town with golden beaches and turquoise sea, there will be many resorts, restaurants and bars ope and the streets will be filled with people. However, if you make your way down to Kas during winter it will be a whole another experience. The city will be covered in white with the blossoms of almond trees when the rest of the country is covered in snow. Instead of tourists enjoying the sun and the sea, you may find couple scuba divers quietly exploring, many bars and restaurants will be closed and it will be like you have the whole city to yourself.

Each season is perfect to visit the Sleeping Giant Hill as it is said in the ancient tale as well, whether you would like to hike up there or take a horse ride, you can make your wish for life long love and happiness.

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Idil Birben

Idil Birben

I am Idil from Istanbul, Turkey, and am currently living in London. I write about my own experiences in these countries.

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