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The Manner – Pink Wafer from Vienna

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Vienna sweet city and home of some of the best confectioneries such as Sacher cake in its Hernals district hides the biggest producer of sweets in Austria Manner factory. The entire area around Wilhelminenstrasse 6 often smells of chocolate. Manner produces not only the much-loved pink Neapolitan wafer here, but also chocolate bananas, rum balls, famous Mozart kugel, and some other sweets. Manner pink wafers, which are in production since 1898, are also internationally successful, as 60% of the total production is consumed abroad. They even appeared in Terminator 3 movie as they are the most favourite sweet of Austrian born Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Manner wafer also appeared in the TV series Friends, they were sold in the Café "Central Perk".


The traditional Vienna company, founded in 1890, has stylised St Stephen's Cathedral in its logo. The establisher of the company Josef Manner got permission to use St Stephen’s Cathedral in return for paying wages to stonemason performing repairs on the church. Today, factory in Hernals is home to over 400 employees.

In the factory, Manner is operating the store where you can buy all their products at the discount prices. Especially cheap are broken goods, which are sold in the bigger quantities. If you are too lazy to go to 17th district Manner operates a flagship store directly on Vienna main square Stephansplatz at number 7, directly at the Archbishop's Palace and at the Airport. In any case don’t leave Vienna without Manner wafers.

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