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The most beautiful of them all: Škocjan Caves

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When talking about caves in Slovenia, I’ve already mentioned the Škocjan Caves that are considered among the most important in the world, which is no surprise if we consider its significant underground phenomena. Since 1986 they have been listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List and visitors are invited to enjoy the tour of this magnificent cave system on any day of the year. This unique natural attraction was created by the Reka River that springs from below the Snežnik plateau, disappears underground and after 34 kilometers appears on the surface again, continuing its path in Italy.

Giant – the largest stalagmite measuring 15 in height is located in the Great Hall.

Škocjan caves is several million years old underground cave system, part of Slovenian Karst and great tourist attraction. They have been writing about these caves around 60 B.C. already, but the most research has been done after the 19th Century.

In Škocjan the Reka River built the largest blind valley in Slovenia and the gorge is up to 100 metre-deep. The whole underground canyon of Reka River is 2,600 m long and there are 30 waterfalls and rapids in Škocjan Cave system, up to 10 m high, that form beautiful sight for all the visitors.

The 6,200 m long cave system in Škocjan Caves, when counting all cave passages, is home to many living creatures, among them also the famous cave salamander, that we’ve already heard about, and goes by more popular name – the baby dragon. Other endemic species, the inhabitants of this underground world, are several bat species, underground crustaceans and beetles.

When visiting Škocjan Caves you have three guided tours available, depending on whether you want to explore the terrain above- or below-ground. Going through the underground Canyon you will visit the many passages, among them also the Silent Cave, filled with numerous dripstone formations. Or you can choose to explore the cave following the Reka River underground and entering the cave through the naturally carved entrance made by the Reka River below the village of Škocjan. Another option is following the Educational Trail above the ground and learning about the Karst phenomena and its diverse flora and fauna.

Škocjan Caves Regional Park
Škocjan Caves Regional Park
Škocjan 2, 6215 Divača, Slovenia

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