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The most beautiful women in the Balkans live in …

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Even the most handsome men do not have the same momentary effect on the world as a truly beautiful woman does - Jonathan Carroll, actor

Have you ever heard of a place in Europe renowned for exceptionally pretty & irresistible women? A place where a majority of women look like models? At the same time, a place where allegedly there is one man for every seven women? A place that male tourists (especially from Western Europe) call heaven on earth? According to all parameters, facts, visitors’ opinions, legends - the most beautiful women in the Balkans live in Banja Luka.

Fatal women

The first and most striking observation from all visitors of this city is always about the ladies. They all agree unanimously that the women of Banja Luka are exceptionally good looking. Indeed, they really pay attention to their appearance, sometimes perhaps too much. It is not only about the attractive way of dressing, but also about their body language and behavior. Women take the competition very seriously here, hence they try to look their best. It is particularly interesting and intriguing for foreign tourists to observe these fatal women.

Seven women for one man

The second and equally striking observation concerns the number of ladies in Banja Luka. In the eyes of visitors, it looks as if only women live in this city, and they all speak about it. This also created the legend that the female/male ratio in Banja Luka is 7:1. Yes, seven women for one man. But according to the last census from 2013, this is false. However, Banja Luka is an absolute winner of Bosnia & Herzegovina when it comes to single ladies, with around 20 000 unmarried women. The reason for male tourists’ belief that Banja Luka has more women than men is simple – they are so hypnotised by the beauty of ladies, that they don’t notice anything else.

The city of women

Since the beauty and charm of local women are well-known throughout the region, the city officials have an idea to launch the project called “Banja Luka – the City of Women”, including the construction of a door and two female statues on the two highway entrances of the city. Symbolically, those statues, each 18,5 meters high, would welcome all visitors to the city of women, the only one in the world.

Feminine name

Apart from being the least known European capital, the greenest & the most adventurous city in Bosnia & Herzegovina, as well as a gastronomic and party hub, Banja Luka is above all a city of (pretty) women. Even its cute name is feminine, not without a good reason. Fine-looking & flawless in terms of appearance, yet irresistibly striking. No wonder that it created a legend that the most beautiful women in the Balkans live in awe-inspiring Banja Luka. Many would say – not only a legend.

Banja Luka City
Banja Luka City
Banja Luka 78000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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