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The Most Creepy Places to visit in Germany!

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Not only around the Halloween time, Germany is the country that you can find haunted places all around the year! This country has witnessed so many violence, terror and pain, it is not a suprise that it has so many creepy places. So if you dare to visit them, here is my favourite most creepy places in Germany!

1. The Waldniel Hostert School

This empty school was built in 1913 in order to help the mentally handicapped children. But during the Third Reich, the euthanasia was pretty common with the handicapped people since Hitler wanted to achieve a pure race. This mentality leaded a violent massacre inside the walls of this school. Lot's of innocent handicapped children have been tortured and killed by Nazis in here and today, the complex is all empty. The only owners of this place are the young terrified souls that is said that you can hear their screams. You can visit the school if you are into paranormal stuff. You can take a photo tour but you have to wear proper shoes since the ground is covered with broken glasses and nails.

The Waldniel Hostert School
The Waldniel Hostert School
Hostert 17, 41366 Schwalmtal, Almanya

2. Frankenstein Castle

This story won't be appealing without a place from the world's most famous horror book! But this castle is more scary than Mary Shelley's book. It is true that the author was inspired from this hilltop castle (even though she never visited here), but the history of this place is much more interesting than the book. The castle was built in year 948 for Frankenstein family, but around 1600s the family had died out. It is said that two main ghosts haunt this place still in today. First one is Anne Marie who is the former lover of the last heir of the Frankenstein family. When the last heir was going to visit her, he got into an accident and couldn't make it to her, so the legend said that she died from a broken heart and still looking and waiting for him while wandering around the castle. The second ghost was Konrad Dipple von Frankenstein who was an alchemist, scientist and grave robber! He was known experimenting with dead bodies so the town's people wanted to break in the castle but couldn't. Konrad committed suicide in his laboratory but his one of the creations had escaped and legend says that it is still screaming in the woods. Plus, his ghost is still in his laboratory, doing weird experiments. If you want to visit this haunted castle, you can find it in 30 km South of Frankfurt!

The Frankenstein Castle
The Frankenstein Castle
64367, Burg Frankenstein, 64367 Mühltal, Almanya

3. Pfauen Insel

This famous historical park with a beautiful architecture is located in the southwest of Berlin. It looks very calm and peaceful but if you are around here at night, don't freak out (or freak out since its scary) when you see a black figure with glowing red eyes! It is believed that this black figure belongs to the alchemist Johann Kunckel, who was experimenting black magic in his laboratory in this island and cursed himself in the afterlife!

Pfaueninsel Berlin
Pfaueninsel Berlin
Pfaueninsel, 14109 Berlin, Almanya

4. Berlin's Citadel

Berlin never stops to fascinate me! Another haunted but yet beautiful place is Berlin Zitadelle! This places history dates waay back to the medieval times. The Citadel was built in 1557 and sadly witnessed a sad love story. In the 15th Century, the ruler Joachim II's lover Anna Sydow was locked in the castle by the ruler's son after his passing. And like every other woman, Anna Sysow aka White Lady haunted the place after she passed away. The legend says, she is still wandering around the castle, trying to find a way to leave.

The Berlin Zitadelle
The Berlin Zitadelle
Am Juliusturm 64, 13599 Berlin, Almanya

5. Osnabrück Pagan Temple and Graveyard

Osnabrück has an ancient site of pagan temple and graveyard which is still haunted today. When the Charlemagne wanted to spread Christianity, he slaughtered all the pagan priests in here and broke the largest altar stone just to prove Christian God was over the pagan gods. But it is said that on the winter solstice and summer equinox, you can hear the screams and stains on the rocks since the magic is still alive.

Osnabrück the Ancient Pagan Stone and Graveyard
Osnabrück the Ancient Pagan Stone and Graveyard
Bramscher Str., Osnabrück, Almanya

If you dare to visit these haunted places, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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