The most dog-friendly island: Sylt!

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Sylt is an island in northern Germany which is famous for its 40-kilometer-long sandy beach. It is the largest island in North Frisia and a celebrity hotspot. In here, you will mostly see German tourists with dogs because the island offers 17 designated "dog beaches" from north to south! Which means that it is the best place to have a vacation if you want to enjoy the waves and sandy beach with your dog(s). Accommodation is also no problem since many landlords on Sylt have made special arrangements for the needs of dogs. Well, if you want to enjoy the sauna or any other activities which you can’t take your best buddy, the animal homes gladly take care of your pet for a few hours. So, here is basically a dog heaven. In here, if you have special requirements, Sylt island has continuously improved the range of offerings for visitors with disabilities. You can cruise over the long sandy beach with specially designed beach wheelchairs with off-road wheels!

You can reach this gorgeous island by airplane, by train from Hamburg, by ferry and of course by car. Sylt is located from 10 to 15 kilometers off the mainland and it is connected by the Hindenburgdamm. The island of Sylt extends for 38 kilometers which makes the largest German island in the North Sea. In here, you can enjoy all types of seafood and get to see unique "Sylt rose". Roses, of course, attracted many butterflies so you can find 600 different species of butterflies such as small tortoiseshell, brimstone, painted lady and peacock butterfly. Not only butterflies, you can also come across too many water birds and cute rabbits. So, if you want to check this gorgeous island, here is your guide!

If you want exclusive apartments, I would recommend Seepferdchen Apart Hotel. Inside every "room" you will find everything from oven to washing machine. If you want to relax, you can also enjoy the sauna, steam bath and many more. If you want to stay right next to the beach, you can stay in Hotel Miramar. In here you can also get to enjoy sauna and massage.

If you are feeling fancy, you can check in Bundersand Hotel to play golf and enjoy luxe wellness resort. Its restaurants are also very popular. And lastly, Kamps Hotel to feel like you are at home. In here you can enjoy its cafes famous pastry.

My favourite restaurant in Sylt is Sansibar, because the food tastes delicious and they have the best wine. It is little expensive but definitely worth a visit!

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