The most famous of them all: Postojna Cave

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More than 24 kilometers of this most mysterious subterranean world has been inspiring people for two hundred years since its official start as a show cave. In all this time 38 million tourists have visited Postojna Cave, the most beautiful one in Slovenia. And when talking about a country with a population of 2 million accepting so many visitors, I think we can call that fame.

One and a half hours are enough to see the 5 km of spectacular web of tunnels, astonishing galleries and halls. Most of that you will pass by a small electrical train, driving through underground and allowing you to admire the magnificent subterranean world.

The symbol of Slovenian Karst

The most beautiful stalagmite in Postojna Cave is called Brilliant and is 5 m high work of art made by nature. Standing in front of it you will see, that it is totally worthy of the name. Water dripping from the ceiling is depositing thin layers of pure calcite sinter, creating this breathtaking white and brilliant appearance.

It can take from a few years to thousands of years for a dripstone to grow only a few millimeters. This depends on the conditions in the cave, the water flow and its intensity, the composition of it. The Brilliant, for example, needed about 50,000 years to reach its full height.

This mysterious cave is much fuller of life, than you might think when looking at the dripstones quietly standing there. In the dark, there are more than hundred different creatures, adapted to the cave environment, one of them being the famous baby dragon.

And there is definitely lively with all the concerts and other events taking place in Postojna Cave. The Concert Hall covers the area of 3000 m² and can host up to 10.000 people. Enjoying a concert in this hall is a special experience thanks to its amazing acoustics. Another show that must be mentioned is the most famous performance is happening at the end of December. Live Nativity Scene, where more than 150 performers interpret the Bible story, and Christmas market are a must see if you are visiting at Christmas time.

Postojna Cave
Postojna Cave
Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna, Slovenië

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