The Museums of Rome: The Capitoline Museums

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Once in Rome, visit at least one museum to enrich your experience of the Eternal City. The historic capital is such a perfect setting for learning and appreciating beauty. Be it history, archaeology or art, you will be amazed by how much you can learn from the museums of Rome. Let's start with the Capitoline Museums (Italian name: Musei Capitolini) in the very center of the city.

Luckily I got in the Capitoline Museums for free because I had a letter saying I was an art student at a university in Rome. If you study art, architecture, or cultural heritage, make sure to ask your university to issue a study letter and bring the letter and your student card with you to museums in Italy. Most of the times you can get in the museums without paying anything or at a discounted price.

Housed in three different buildings, the collections of the Capitoline Museums are really impressive. There you can find ancient Roman statues, medieval and Renaissance art, among many other historical artifacts. Some of the sculpture masterpieces include the famous Capitoline Venus statue, the she-wolf sculpture which refers to the birth of Rome, the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, and the statue of Artemis of Ephesus. To me, it was an eye-opening experience to learn history through those statues. Other highlight rooms are the Hall of Captains and the Tapestry Hall.

I suggest that you spend at least two hours at the Capitoline Museums. Not only is there a great amount of art and archaeological artifacts to examine, but the museum is also an ideal place for taking photos of Rome. As the museum is located on the Capitoline Hill, it offers many panoramic views of Rome. From one of the buildings of the museum, visitors can even enjoy a unique view of the Roman Forum.

My museum tip: Once in a while, the museum would open late into the night and organize activities such as live music and readings. So keep an eye for "Saturday nights at Rome's Capitoline Museums."

Musei Capitolini is just one of many wonderful museums in Rome. Another famous one is Galleria Borghese, which requires advanced reservations. Meanwhile, the off the beaten path Palazzo Altemps is almost always empty but definitely worth admiring!

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