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The oldest mini brewery in Vilnius with live beer and beer cocktails

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For sure, Vilnius has a lot of pubs, and each of them has its own audience and visitors, and of course, the style. Some of them offer various beverages from all over the world. Another ones have just a Lithuanian beer (which is very good, trust me). But one of them is special. It is called Būsi trečias, and it is the oldest mini brewery in Vilnius. This pub has some charm as well. It is always full of locals - from students to the oldest ones, but also tourists love it. Thus, for today, I will take you on a mini-tour of the oldest mini brewery in Vilnius with its secrets of live beer and beer cocktails.

Būsi trečias

The name of the pub in the English language means “You will be the third”. Even some locals do not know why this bar has this name. Let’s start with the early beginning. This pub is still one of the most favorite ones in the whole city, for more than 20 years. And the name of it came from the old times when a bottle of strongest drink cost three rubles. People did not want to drink the whole bottle on their own, so they were looking for a friend to share, and the third person was just a random guy from the pub who answered the question "who will be third"?

The oldest mini brewery in the town

The most important thing about this pub is that it is actually a small brewery. The Beer is made in the basement of the pub, so literally under the feet of the visitors. Everyone who would like to visit this basement just needs to agree on the timeslot with the owners, and that's it. The pub is making their own - live beer. Therefore, you can always be sure that the beer is as fresh as it can be. Besides the live Lithuanian beer, the pub is also offering some beer cocktails, for instance, dark beer with a taste of blackcurrant or light beer with a taste of caramel or coconut - there are more than 15 flavors. The trendy one for the beer gourmets nowadays is a black beer.

Būsi trečias is also a family business, so it is possible that you will be served by the owner or his sons. Also, the pub offers various Lithuanian and European dishes, the most popular side dish with a beer is a rye bread with garlic and cheese sauce.

One more thing

In the pub, the brewing lasts three weeks, and it is all natural, without a pasteurization. All the processes of beer making are so natural that it is slightly different every time - once it can be strongest or turbid, another time - more light.

Live beer and beer cocktails you will find in Totoriu street, in the Old Town of Vilnius. And definitely add the oldest Vilnius mini brewery on your bucket list because it is a must-see thing, and their live beer or beer cocktails are must things to try. Who knows you might hear the question there: who will be third?

Būsi Trečias pub, Vilnius
Būsi Trečias pub, Vilnius
Totorių g. 18, Vilnius 01121, Lietuva

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