The park of trolls in Senja, Norway!

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Norwegians are irrational in one way. We are fearful of wandering alone in the mysterious woods with a phobia of meeting trolls. At the same time, we have no difficulty with driving our automobiles and maybe even texting with no worries about accidents. Therefore, In Senja, Norway, we built the park of trolls!

What more to see in this magical area is Lofoten, Lofoten hiking, Å, People of Narvik, Lødingen, Town hero of Narvik, and the Northern lights!

Local from Senja:

I try to take our troll culture seriously, even though it's often presented in a playful way
Troll park Senja, Norway
Troll park Senja, Norway
Finnsæter, Norge

How we master this fear

To master this fear, we are exposing ourselves to trolls quite a lot up here in the Northland. We do this in the same way like somebody with the horror of spiders reads a book about spiders to expose themselves and to understand.

Fun facts

1. Among trolls, we make movies, arts, stories, and on Senja, we made this Troll park!

2. The Troll and its wife is in Guinness world record book in 1997 as the biggest troll on earth!

3. In 1993, the people of Senja realized their vision of having a dedicated park to the number 1 mythical creature of Norway.

Go inside of the troll!

You can actually go into the stomach of the Troll and have an adventure! They created architectural history by making a house inside of the worlds biggest troll in the North of Norway. The mastermind behind this invention is Leif Rubach who is pretty much the soul behind the troll park.

What the inside of the troll can grant you

Be ready for a museum, food, refreshments, troll goods, and Norwegian goods!

The troll bride

The troll received his wife in 2007. These two will stay together until the state takes them apart. For example, if they want to build a mall here or something. John-Daniel Solhaug is the reverend who made them the troll husband and the troll wife.

Where the idea came from

In Senja, we have a local fable about a troll who is located in the sea and comes to the Island every now and then. That story is used to frighten kids and make them come home before dark (It also works on adults).

You can find one troll park in the south, too.

It's named Hunderfossen. You can read further about trolls and Hunderfossen in the Askeladden article! These two places had a little battle of who has the best troll. Hunderfossen now accepts the Senja troll as a troll and as the biggest troll!

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