The Spas Given by Nature

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Thermal springs are the natural version of today's popular spas. If you are already visiting Turkey and near the region I would say take a day of pampering and try one of these thermal springs. Turkey is one of the 7 countries in the world in terms of thermal source richness. Throughout the country there are 1300 thermal spring and some like Pamukkale offers a unique touristic experience as well as the benefits for free. The temperature of these hot springs varies between 20-110 degrees Celsius (68-230 Fahrenheit), and their flow is between 2-500 liters per second. Turkey as a state is only using a small percentage of the country's potential in terms of mineral springs but there are many private companies and resorts that provides more luxury services.

Benefits of Hot Springs

The scientific benefits of the hot springs are still a subject of research, however, throughout the centuries local people have believed that hot springs provided some remedies for many health problems, especially skin diseases. Hot spring waters are natural source of minerals such as sulfur(bad smell) and zinc, when these minerals are absorbed by the skin it is believed to help with the healing process. Also many natural spas are pretty hot waters and high temperature bath can help with the pain relief. We all know today that there is no such a thing is waters from the heaven, but by visiting the natural hot baths you can experience the benefits yourself and if nothing relieve some stress.

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Idil Birben

Idil Birben

I am Idil from Istanbul, Turkey, and am currently living in London. I write about my own experiences in these countries.

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