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The Stone Lake

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The Legend has it: A long time ago, on the Mount Aragats used to live four stone dragons, who were brothers. After the death, they were transformed into rivers and started to flow in different directions. Because they liked each other much, they did not want to be separated neither when alive nor when dead. They made a hole on the Mount Aragats and directed their flow to that hole. That’s how the Stone Lake (Lake Kari) was formulated.

The Stone Lake is 3190 m above the sea level. Besides the legend, there is also a real reason of how the lake appeared on that plateau. Being situated below the four peaks of Mount Aragats it had collected the water from melted ice, snow, and rains. The water of the lake is clear and transparent like a glass.

Credits to Tomasz Dutkiewicz

You can get there only in a good weather. In winter the roads are covered with snow and it's just impossible to get to the lake. In summers it's an excellent place to escape the heat and to enjoy fresh air, some snow that never managed to melt and the cooling wind of Aragats. Accordingly, it's recommended to have warm clothing even in summer. Many people even camp by the lake and stay for several days. There is also a small cafe nearby where you can have food or tea.

Do you remember the dragons I told you about? So yes, I forgot to say that while digging to make a hole for the lake they had thrown thousands of small stones all around the hole. The stones were so many that they have formulated a stone hill right behind the lake.

You have two options to get to the Stone Lake (unless you do not have a helicopter:)) - the easiest one is to go by car taking the road that starts from the Byurakn village that leads you right to the lake, the other option is to walk/climb there (this is recommended only to those who are more experienced and are really able to spend the whole day walking).

Lake Kari (Stone Lake)
Lake Kari (Stone Lake)
Kari Lake, Armenia
Mount Aragats
Mount Aragats
Aragats, Armenië

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