The truth about Robin Hood and Sherwood forest

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My inquiry goes like this, is Robin Hood real or is he an archetype (a model or form of something)? He's England's greatest legend, so it's worth examining. ''Robin Hoods hiding place'' is another view of the magnificent place. That article is made by Joe Torpe. He is also really good.

The visitors part of this article

Sherwood forest is superb

In Sherwood Forrest, there's a lot of elements. They have made a remarkable environment. This is not one of those areas which are very famous and then you go there and learn that it's just a forest. They have stores, people, visitors and activities developed to entertain you. There's a concise wood playground obstacle field here too. The play park connects play material with natural play things such as stones and trees and is suitable for 7 to 12-year-olds.

The history part of this article

Robin Hood is claimed by both comrades and anarchists to belong to their side. The comrades state that he takes the money away from the rich and distributes it to the people. The anarchists claim that he takes back stolen wealth and gives it back to the legitimate owners.

The evil ventures of King Johan

King Johan ruled from 1199-1216. He taxed his people, led stupid-wars, and imprisoned people on made up claims. That's a solid foundation for making a story of a chaotic good guy to fight him. Or even to become a chaotic good guy.

Amusing details concerning the Robin Hood legend

One of the earliest Robin Hood stories is from around the 1490's and is called ''A merry geste of Robin Hoode''.

There's a hypothesis that ''Robin Hood'' is just a short version of ''Robin o' the wood'', which was a common term from the 1100 years.

Kirklees monastery in West Yorkshire is where he supposedly is buried.

Shakespeare wrote about Mr. Hood in ''The Two Gentlemen of Verona'' and ''As You Like It''.

Nottingham castle is where the fable says Mr. Hood took back the stolen money from the king. The Major Oak is the most famous tree in the world and is where Robin Hood and Little John chilled out.

The Robin Hood tax

Presumably, the Robin Hood tale is up for interpretation. This fashionable extra tax is according to various lobbyist groups meant to be aimed at businesses and stock traders. Which means small and big businesses. The leaders will redistribute the businesses stock money to NGO's and charities.

The Robin Hood archetype

Robin Hood separates from Superman since Superman is the lawful good, while Robin Hood is the chaotic good. Those types are measured with the Alignment system of Dungeons of Dragons from the 70's. Types which is comparable to Robin Hood as the ''good guy rebel archetype'' are: Jack Sparrow, Anonymus, Richard Castle, Arya Stark, The scooby doo gang, and Sirius Black.

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