The Vertical Forest, Innovative Architecture in Milan

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Milan, always known as the Italian centre of commerce, fashion, and design, has seen an impressive increase of urban renewal projects that had the effect, among the others, of bringing along some interesting and innovative architectural ideas. The most visible proof is what rise in the Portanuova neighbourhood; two state-of-the-art, not-crazy high skyscrapers that impress the passer-by and the tourist for their unique style.

On the towers’ wide balconies more than a thousand trees, plants, and bushes were planted, creating now un usual yet beautiful sight. The so-called Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) can host as many plants as a seven thousand “horizontal” would, a characteristic that comes with some perks: smog, a constant issue to deal with in Milan, is mitigated by the trees and by the production of oxygen; plus, plants have a tempering effect and help to reduce noise.

The towers (111 and 76 meters) were completed in 2014, and right away gained international success winning The International High-rise Award, a prize given every the most innovative skyscraper of the World, for “(their) great example of symbiosis between architecture and nature”. This nature, obviously, needs a lot of maintenance, that no, neither your-self nor a usual gardener can do. Only specific gardeners able to manage a rope-swinging system are allowed to take care of this urban forest. The needs it has are certainly more specific than others. Thank to this, and other innovative examples, Milan is developing in a surprising way, making it even more worth to go check out what is up over there!

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