The Vigezzina - Centovalli train

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The whole Vigezzo Valley is served by a historical little blue train (better known in Italy as the little blue train of the Vigezzina and, in Switzerland, as the little train of the Centovalli), on a railway line which links Domodossola to the Swiss town of Locarno. An Alpine railway par excellence, the Vigezzina passes through wonderful landscapes of woods, wild mountains, rivers and waterfalls along a route of 52 kilometres including 83 bridges and 31 tunnels. Completely immersed in Nature, this route between Italy and Switzerland offers passengers the chance to see up close some breath-taking scenery. Once past Valley Vigezzo, the little blue train crosses the impressive Swiss territory of beech woods, rivers and jagged mountains to reach Locarno.

This Railway connects Locarno with Domodossola and is interestingly placed, being the most direct connection between the rail lines of the Gottardo and the Sempione. It represents the most attractive route between Lake Maggiore, the French part of Switzerland and the Swiss capital, Bern. Thanks to the marvellous scenery of the Centovalli and the Valle Vigezzo in which is operates, it serves not only transit traffic but also tourism. The landscape is further enriched by the wealth of tourist facilities in Locarno - located in the Italian part of Switzerland to the south of the Alps and on the south side of Lake Maggiore - and Domodossola, in Piedmont (northern Italy) at the foot of the Passo del Sempione.

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