The village of frozen waterfalls - Kriz

The village of frozen waterfalls - Kriz

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Winter travel always reminds us of skiing and winter resorts. However, why don't you explore a place that no one else did before?

There is a village called Kriz in Guba district of Azerbaijan, where you can have an icy hiking experience. The village is located in a mountainous region, in Greater Caucasus. Kriz village is one of the most remote areas, which has just 360 residents and not discovered even by the majority of local Azerbaijani people.

While visiting Kriz, you will explore another spectacular part of the Caucasus Mountains, as well as will live an extraordinary hiking experience. Nevertheless, the most interesting fact about the village is that the waterfalls in the village are frozen in the winter. Due to the extreme cold, waterfalls start to freeze from the bottom part until the top, which creates admirable view. Several small waterfalls in the area of the village create a beautiful natural ice art.

Unfortunately, there is no regular tours to this destination, as it is not a known place. You can rent a car or take a bus from Baku to Guba, afterward rent another car such as Niva or Jeep to Kriz village. As the road is also frozen during the winter, not every car can be driven to Kriz.

Another option is to use the service of hiking communities. One of them is Caspi-tours, which organizes special tours to remote areas and provides hiking tours. These communities will provide you proper transportation from Baku directly to Kriz, as well as will help you to be more organized during your trip.

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