Tomorrowland’s theme 2018; The Story Of Planaxis.

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Before moving to Belgium and thriving into its culture, I would tell you that the only thing that came instantly to mind when someone mentioned “Belgium” was Tomorrowland. What’s Belgium famous for after all? Is it its delicious fries? Its waffles & chocolates? Its history? Its national football team? Its cosmopolitan and multicultural population? Well sure…, all these things! But if you go ahead and ask someone outside Europe what’s Belgium famous for, the answer would most likely be “Tomorrowland”.

Tomorrowland Festival
Tomorrowland Festival
PRC de Schorre, Schommelei, 2850 Boom, Βέλγιο
Tomorrowland is an annual event that leaves tens of thousands of festival goers waiting for its next edition with baited breath.

The art of mystery

If there is a festival that masters the art of mystery and suspense, then it’s definitely Tomorrowland. Every year, the magical event centers its huge, storybook stage productions around a specific theme, whose details are always kept under strict confidentiality until a few weeks before the event. In fact, this mysterious atmosphere has been proven to be an excellent marketing strategy, as tickets sell out in a matter of a few minutes.

The past themes

Every year, Tomorrowland is all set to create a “magnificent world” for the "People of Tomorrow" to enter. Judging by Tomorrowland’s past editions, the festival’s organisers have proved their capability of coming up with insane and definitely unpredicted mystical themes, always engrossed with mythological elements that help shaping the festival’s experience in such a unique way. Some of the most successful themes used in the past were the “Tree of life” in 2011, “The book of wisdom” in 2012, the “Arising of life" in 2013, “The Elixir of life” in 2016, and the extravagant spectacle “Amicorum Spectaculum” in 2017.

The story of Planaxis

As mentioned above, every year Tomorrowland’s theme is being kept confidential; no one knows how the stages will look like, till the moment that the festival begins! By publishing a short promotional video a few weeks before the event, the festival’s producers tease their audience by giving them only a few hints! This year’s video has been recently posted online and it invites the "People of Tomorrow" to “come to a land under the sea, where mystery awaits and great beats are on deck”.

PREPARE TO DIVE INTO THE STORY OF PLANAXIS; What if I told you that the most ordinary things in life can hold mysteries you would never believe. Stories waiting to be discovered. Take a closer look and be guided on a quest that will show you a new perspective on life.

What’s the meaning of planaxis?

A planaxis is a genus of small sea snails, bringing to mind an underwater city. Some people have been contemplating scenarios that this year’s theme will be somehow linked to the “Lost city of Atlantis” story. Some others though, stick to the very meaning of the actual word planaxis, which as said are coned sea shells. In any case, we know that an “underwater experience” is about to be revealed soon!

According to Tomorrowland’s creative director, Christophe Van den Branden, this year’s festival is gonna surprise us all; “We provide a totally different look compared to the previous years. We did not rely on anything and created something completely new from our offices in Antwerp. That has cost us a lot of time and effort for this edition.”

Mark your calendar...two great weekends ahead! (20-22 & 27-29 of July)!!

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