Top 4 reasons to visit Apulia

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The south – eastern Italian region is often wrongfully left out when it comes to planning a vacation in Italy. But that is about to change because in Apulia the Italian elegance meets the authentic simplicity in a wonderful and diverse landscape.

1. The Cities

Apulia has over 50 main municipalities and cities, and many of them are located directly at the sea. Strolling along the port or exploring the picturesque historical center is surely a day well spent. To truly experience the magic of these places don’t just hunt down the major sights, but get lost in the beautiful mazes of the narrow cobblestone- streets, white washed walls and flowers.

2. The beaches

Why travel far when white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water are so close? The area of the northern Apulia around Gargano, can easily compete with the scenic beauty of the Amalfi coast, with the only difference being that it is less crowded and more budget-friendly. The Salento peninsula is located in the southern part of Apulia, where you can choose between the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea. The beaches in Salento are often ranked between the prettiest among Europe and are even referred to as the Maldives of Italy.

3. The food

Every foodie should visit Apulia (at least!) once. The cuisine of the southern Italian region is one of the most authentic and traditional ones in Italy. From fresh seafood to Neapolitan pizza, creamy gelato and vegetarian pasta dishes, you can find everything that your gourmet heart desires. Each Apulian town has their own specialty, and your taste buds will definitely cheer about the aromas and flavors this region has to offer. Oh and did I mention the coffee?!

4. The architecture

The architecture in Apulia is definitely very diverse and incredibly pretty. Unique to the region are the famous Trulli houses. These dreamy little round houses almost seem unreal and are part of the UNESCO world heritage. They are for sure, a must-see location during an Apulia visit. The Salento Peninsula is particularly famous for its baroque building style. The city of Lecce, which is also called the queen of the Baroque, with its imposing churches and city gates will make you feel like you are set back in time.

Apulia is the perfect place for history lovers, sun-seekers as well as gourmet lovers and whether it is a busy sightseeing trip or a relaxed holiday indulgence, there is something for everyone.

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Sandra Marx

Sandra Marx

My name is Sandra and I grew up in Austria. I started a Bed and Breakfast in Puglia, Italy, with my partner. I will tell you about all my favorite places and I hope that this wonderful region will fascinate you.

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