Top Italian Cities to visit in December

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Top 3 Italian Cities to visit in December and Christmas Time

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. December is also the closing part of the year, when people make wishes, promise on quitting bad habits and embracing new healthy ones. It is the time when people want to feel inspired and enchanted. And let's be honest, being in the right environment will just help you with closing December with a BANG!

Italy is a great place to be during December and during the Christmas time. The weather might not be that warm but it is definitely not that cold which makes going for a walk nice and enjoyable. The blue sky and the smell of panettone (Italian sweet bread), struffoli (Italian sweets) and torrone (nougat) will do the rest. Some of the many Italian cities host some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe. If you really want to get into the festivities vibe, make sure to visit one of these Italian Christmas Markets . I am sure you will love them (and will find great food alongside great presents!).

If you want to visit something very special, here are my Top 3 Italian Cities to visit in December and during the Christmas holidays:

Vatican City

Rome and the Vatican are always a stunning. But in Christmas you will get to see the lighting of the big tree in Vatican City which is an amazing experience. Words really do not do it justice. It is a beautiful moment when people stand next to each other, are kind to one another and get inspired by lights and decoration in this beautiful part of the world. This is one of my top cities in December!


Naples is a must-see when in Italy, for its beautiful architecture, history, culture and nature. And in December you will really get the opportunity to breathe its rich culture: Christmas in Naples means streets filled with great aromas and scents from cafe's preparing the typical foods, Christmas Nativity traditions everywhere with real people and animals and the just perfect atmosphere. I would not miss it for the world!


This is very different from the big cities that I mentioned above. Gubbio is a small town, in the Umbrian hills known for having the largest Christmas Tree in the world. Apart from this fascinating fact, Gubbio is a lovely town and it has a very different feel than the large cities. Here is it more quite, you are surrounded by nature and it is peaceful and chill. A different experience which I love very much!

If you are in Italy in December, you should really visit these Top 3 Cities and take in the lovely Christmas atmosphere that they share!

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