Cover photo by ©PeppeAvallone
Cover photo by ©PeppeAvallone

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Travel through art- University Station of the Naples Metro

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Travel Tips For Naples

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More than 180 pieces of art created by 90 worldwide famous authors, are being displayed in the form of "interior creations", along the lines 1 and 6 of the Naples' metro network. This project, during which the subway stations turn into museums of art, was curated by Achille Bonito Oliva (an Italian art critic, who also directed the 45th Venice Biennale). When in Naples, two of the mandatory stops you need to add to your agenda are the University station and the Toledo station. After those two, feel free to walk and explore the rest of the city on foot, all day long. But trust me those two, are simply a must!

Karim Rashid, one of the most prolific designers of his generation, had the opportunity to create one gorgeous interior design, while taking part in the project "Art Stations of the Naples Metro". He is one of the most well-known international designers, and his work is known as being innovative, forward-looking, and strikingly relevant. Also, loads of colors,  symbolic shapes and patterns are some of the features expected to be seen in his personal artworks. Probably, his "easy to recognize" style is what makes him that popular.

Karim Rashid, Photo credits: © Normann Copenhagen
Karim Rashid, Photo credits: © Normann Copenhagen

So what should you expect to see when bringing together a metro station, an art project, and the distinct Karim Rashid?  

The answer is probably a metro station that is so cool, you would like to live in. What is evident in his design, is a will to create an architectural distinction among the different parts of the metro station, dependent on the "passengers' activity and movement". When you enter from the piazza to the subway station, you will walk through a tiled wall;  on each tile different words are printed. The vivid colors and patterns represent the multi-cultural and academic community of the thousands of passengers, passing by the metro every day.  When descending to the metro platforms via the escalator, you can experience a transition from the busy piazza to a more intimate setting. It is here, where various artworks and other graphic arts are shown in the form of a "focal point". This modern sculptures and patterns are in fact, the signature of Karim. The escalators are also decorated with patterns and symbols, matching that way the rest of the designed area. 

Visiting the metro system of one place is an opportunity to feel the city's vibes in its fullest. You can observe people's everyday behavior, the street fashion, and even what people are reading or playing on their phones while commuting. Definitely, a metro stop is an insight into the city's soul and this one is virtuously designed, so do visit it! It will impress you, even if you are a devoted fan of "exploring a new city on foot" !

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