Cover Picture © Credits to RomoloTavani
Cover Picture © Credits to RomoloTavani

Travelers dream destination - Milestii Mici Winery in Moldova

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Mileștii Mici is probably a dream destination for those who love to enjoy a high-quality wine and relate themselves to conscious consumers of this divine drink. As a traveler, you probably want to know what is so special about Milestii Mici. It is a winery in Moldova, with the enormous underground storage facility and world's largest wine collection, that is located only 20 km away from the capital city Chisinau. Milestii Mici winery has as well the largest underground cave network.

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Out of many different rewards, the one that makes the Milestii Mici winery really special is the Guinness World Record Certificate, that was issued due to the tremendous storage place with the surface of 55 km, excavated more than 50 years ago, and the treasury of a huge Golden Collection of 1,5 millions of wine bottles. Now, tell me if there exists a wine connoisseur that would like to miss visiting such a fantastic place and tasting this “holy drink”? Milestii Mici winery is one of the most popular touristic destinations in our country, as it attracts more than 20.000 visitors each year.

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The Golden Wine Collection

When you descend to the depth of 80 meters below the ground to admire the Golden Wine Collection, that is covered with dust and mould and is kept under the spider web, you get the feeling to open a door of another century, full of mysteries and secrets. In these dark streets full of niches, that look like small houses for different bottle sets, are kept millions of bottles, but the oldest one is dated back to 1969. The collection is enriched every year, thus the wines that are stored here are from different harvest years.

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Nowadays, the collection consists of more than two millions of bottles, that are stored to reach a special, delicious taste. It means that about half of the million bottles were added since 2005 when the Guinness Record was registered. Here, you can find “Pinot”, “Muscat”, “Dnestrovscoie”, “Milestscoie”, “Traminer”, “Auriu”, “Riesling”, “Feteasca”, etc. All these wines are kept like babies. Every single bottle gets lots of care and love since this Golden Collection is the pride of our nation. The emotions are just overwhelming when you realize that you get in touch with the wine collection that is available in only one place in the world.

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Discover the underground life

You may not expect it, but it is quite cold when you descent to discover the underground life of the cellars. The temperature here stays constant all over the year, around 12 – 14 degrees Celsius, the same as humidity, that is kept in the range between 85-95%. This is an ideal condition for wine storage. Here is stored the Moldavian strategic reserve as well. Only the best harvest products, made out of the excellent wine material from different years, are brought here and kept for the maturation. The total length of the galleries is 200 km, and the depth varies from 35-85 meters. You will find here not only bottles but also hundreds of barrels made out of oak, that was mainly imported from Russia and Ukraine. Their capacity may differ from 600 to 2000 decaliters.

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Once you decide to visit the dream destination of every traveler, get warm clothes and go for a degustation tour in the underground cellar. As soon as you taste the elite reserve of Milestii Mici winery in Moldova and feel the soul of the creator, the hot sun rays and power of our fertile soil, it will leave you speechless for a long time. Get this unique experience in the atmosphere of traditional musicians, old wines of a superior class, delicious food and kind people.

Milestii Mici
Milestii Mici
Milestii Mici, Moldova


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